07 July 2013

Can You Really Earn Money With SWA Ultimate ?

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for your financial problems, then you could probably join with this online opportunity that SWA (Supreme Wealth Alliance) offers. Are you ready? Feel Excited? But wait a minute. Let me give you few advice, words, facts, information and statements. 

Before joining any online network opportunity and start earning money, learn to analyze its operation, marketing plan, company, and product.

Nothing's personal here. It is purely own my views, opinions, observations and ideas. Some part of it, however, might offend.

What is SWA Ultimate?

Supreme Wealth Alliance(SWA) is an online-based opportunity networking marketing program that could earn you a promising income(hmmm). In their website, they featured their perfect pay plan system. What does it mean?

The website stated:
Why is it the perfect pay plan system? It's because the pay plans in the P3S are the 2 best and most popular pay plans on the internet today. Individually, they are super fantastic. But combined, they are perfect! Together, they give you everything you desire in a network marketing compensation plan.
Two best and most popular pay plans system available online combined:
  • Dynamic Follow: Matrix 2x2
  • Power Infinity: 3-up pass up
Here, SWA managed to combine these two(2) pay plans that make it a perfect payment plan system. And it claims to be the most key feature in SWA Ultimate. However, it has significant weaknesses, see below screenshot.

popular pay plan
2x2 and infinity pass up flow

What are the products of SWA Ultimate?

SWA Ultimate offers and gives a collection of USEFUL files (eBooks, Videos, Graphics). Example e-book: Think and Grow Rich.

Some would say, it can be downloaded free. Okay, if you spend hours to do research with the files you could download it for FREE.

So if they have an extensive collection of these product files, how can I make money out of it?

How to earn money with SWA?

Before making money from SWA, you need to register first. Also, you need a referrer to join. It is a failure just to visit the site and click join. Phew -_-

First, to generate income, you should purchase FIRST its SWL (Supreme Wealth Library). Once you bought the products, you have the RIGHTS to resell it. Each product has an earning value of 100% + commissions once purchased.

Secondly, earn commission with downline. Thus, you need to invite people to join your league as their UPLINE. Of course, this is networking.

SWA Websites

I was a bit confused about their site(s). What is really their official website?
  • http://swaultimate.com/ ?
  • http://www.supremewealthalliance.com ?
Never mind, it does not also use matter. They won't even let me explore their site unless I am registered with my UPLINE, though.

And I found some server errors on their websites. It seems that they don't focus on making their site more stable. Why not hire PRO-programmer? ( Online-based? but has so many errors )

SWA Ultimate Payment Option

Okay, SWA offers great flexibility when it comes to the payment form.

Here are the lists of the supported Gateway.
  • Money Gram (Multi-Currency)
  • Western Union Remittance (Multi-Currency)
  • HSBC Bank Deposit (US$)
  • Standard Chartered Bank Deposit (US$)
  • Smart Money (PHP)
  • Globe GCash (PHP)
  • PNB Bank Deposit (PHP)
  • BPI Bank Deposit (PHP)
  • Banco De Oro (BDO) Bank Deposit (PHP)
  • UnionBank Bank Deposit (PHP)
  • LBC Express Remittance (PHP)
  • Mlhuillier (PHP)
  • Cebuana Lhuillier (PHP)
  • Activation Code (Real Time)
It seems that they are by invitation only, if you need to join in their program, you MUST need a referrer.

For an amount of P2500 or some would say $70 then you are fully a member the SWA Ultimate league.

So my confident question:

Do you want to expend P2000+ in exchange of massive useful library of files and resell them?
Marketing Strategies
One of the few things use marketing strategy by the SWA members is to change their Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo with SWA logo.

Lastly, they flood on posting their individual referral link/video to watch in a Facebook group. As an admin of a particular group, it is ANNOYING.

Their target? Students! And they arguably stated, to be open-minded. They used also the quality of being in that students. Ey SWA members, don't delude the students!

Can You Really Earn Money With SWA Ultimate?

There is NO such thing as GUARANTEED income, my answer is, YES, you could but..there's a BUT here... You need to exert great effort and hard work. To be honest, I have seen people posting their income with SWA, and they posted it with TEASER. Of course, you will attract with their earnings. Hence, you will ask or PM them.

Here are the great review with SWA Ultimate

Also, I have experienced with ClixSense that has a similar system with online networking -- earn commission for the downlines, and market service to get leads but one good thing about it is...It is FREE

See How To Earn Money With ClixSense
100% Free: Earn Money with ClixSense
Though, I read attractive ads that could earn $1000/day with ClixSense. With my venture with ClixSense I learn that it is NOT really guaranteed to make a HUGE amount of money. There is NO such thing as GUARANTEED success or income. In fact, with ClixSense, to be honest, you could earn at least $0.001 / ads and has two ads worth $0.01. However, if you have the skill to persuade others to join your network, you could earn $100/day.

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My thoughts about MLM

An am not really against with MLM. It is, however, case-to-case basis.  But as a whole, MLM is a very attractive business model. It's a great opportunity to earn extra money.

an excellent article to read:  What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

But what I don't like about it is that: 
IDEA of MAKING MONEY to someone's effort.

I have seen my friends and relatives engaged with MLM. I have seen sad moments. Some stopped. Some continued.

One concrete example: this certain guy had been active for quite some time with his MLM and then by an unknown striking force, he wanted a JOB. Probably, he gets disappointed with the results. 

The major drawback about MLM is the downline. It is a failure if a NETWORKER spends more time in recruiting than selling its product. If you will ask me: If you have a chance, will you join any MLM?

Personally, I want to join in business but NOT of getting money out of it but to improve my personal skills, confidence, meet entrepreneur and expose to the real world.

But first, I want to research about the company. If I feel okay about it, then I will study about the product. Is it a quality product? Is it worth? Is is effective? If it answers all, then I might be called myself now as a entrepreneur or a networker.

I guess with the near future, but today, I focused on my Blogging career, and I say vast improvement. And I will say with proud with blogging.

I already earned money out it. I managed to compile those here: My Yet Earned Money Online. Besides, right now I am earning an average of $3/day with Google Adsense alone.

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