19 July 2013

Improved: Alexa Rank As Of [07/19/2013]

Alexa is one of the few useful services that provides and collects information about website's traffics and metrics. Though, it is not really 100% perfect system in measuring stats on websites, still more companies used it as for basis to improve site stats and other metrics.

So how is it important with Alexa Rank?
Depending on a certain companies, sometimes, they used Alexa as their measuring tool for business transaction among with the high ranking websites. Having a good Alexa rank will attract more digital companies to contact the owner of the websites and try to transact business with them(I have contacts too).
My ranking
Since Alexa rank provides website's traffic information. The lower the value of Alexa Rank, the better rank.

In worldwide category, Facebook is now the number 1, followed by Google at number 2. There is also for a country-based category. Visit here for more information: http://www.alexa.com/topsites.

My Blog's Performance
Gladly, my blog(mabzicle.com) is now less than 1,000 rank in the Philippines. I am happy for my blog's performance. With this, I am inspired to blog more useful posts. :)

These are my top ranking countries***:

  • Philippines - 994
  • India - 61,482
  • US - 465,989
  • Indonesia - 104,419
  • Pakistan - 52, 076

*** as of July 19, 2013. It is subject to change without prior notice

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