04 July 2013

Bianca Gonzalez: Voice of Globe Rewards

Globe shopping experience has never been exciting than before with its new MyRewards system. Recently, MyGlobe unveiled its reward system to convert points-to-peso system. Here, you could convert points into a payment form
In addition to that, Bianca Gonzalez, TV host, social medial advocate and Globe Rewards ambassador showcased the better and BIGGER MyRewards.

Unlike with my previous post, Enchanted Kingdom and Sunglass Hut joined in the partnership with Globe to offer great deal with Globe's rewards.

Aside from the well-known name, Globe has also its own Rewards catalog system which includes:
  • Call and Text promos
  • Shopping and Dining
  • Items
  • Gadgets
To redeem rewards from partner-merchants

Just text BUY   and send to 4438.

To check balance:

Text BAL and send to 4438
Image Via Globe  Telecom| 
Source: Globe Press Release

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