28 July 2013

Anonymous Hacked Limketkai Website & Warned People and Government Officials

Last Friday ( July 28, 2013), there were 6 people killed and 46 were wounded from improvised bomb explosion in one of the best places in Cagayan de Oro around 11:30 pm @ –– Rosario Arcade, Limketkai particularly near popular restaurant namely Candy's & Kyla's Biztro.

Update( July 28, 2013: 05:16pm)

  • I checked the website and seemed it operationally back to normal.

Image Via Kagayan Festival | https://www.facebook.com/kagayan.festival
This terror incident was being the first bombing that more casualties & fatalities involved. People were confident about the security of the city, yet, such horror tragedy might suggest local people or outside Cagayan de Oro to experience fear. Who else want to die?

RIP those 6 dead Kagayanons.

Pretty sure, Limketkai is now strengthen more of its security measures. And local officials, NBI, Police, and Army group conducted full force vigilant to the city.

In line with the tragedy happened, the Anonymous group specifically Anonymous Cagayan de Oro hacked Limketkai website and put a warning to people and government official to improve safety and security measures. http://www.limketkaicenter.com/

As of today(07-28-2013), the web admin does not yet fix the hacking issue. :)

See image below.

The message was in Bisaya language.
GREETINGS CDO kining mga krimen sama sa pagholdup, pagpangawat, ug ang masworse pagpatay ug sa atong nasayran bag.o lng katong pag bomba. Unta wala nay musunoray aning malagim nga panghitaboa. Ug mensahe nako sa mga kataohan sa CDO dapat alerto mo sa inyong paligid kai ang krimen anytime na mahitabo. Ug kailangan jud nig hostisya labaw na sa mga pamilya sa mga nangamatay dapat ma ilhan ra ang nag pa simuno aning pagbomba.
Mga opisyalis sa ketkai kabalo mo nga naay mini concert gabie ngano man dili gwardyado ang nasabing lugar. Ayha ramo mo aksyon kung nahitabo na. RIP sa 6 nga namatay.
All Respected : | Hitman | DrEinUS | 4nti |~ThinkTwice | [email protected] | Lil xhint | ./PV~JayCee | PapiCodeX | ~an.0xi4 | #Pr3-H4ck3r | Siliron | PV Atom | Kh4lifax | pv~d3Sp | PV.F0rMl3s$ | RN-HXX | ~iCh4N |

Greeting CDO.. these crimes like holdup, thief, and worse murder. And we just learned about the bombing incident.  We hope that there will be no terror incident happen. My message to the people of CDO(Cagayan de Oro), that you must be alert with your surroundings because the crime/tragedy/incident will be happened anytime. And also, it needs justice especially for those family of victims that were killed. And MUST determine who were the suspects about the bombing.

The officials of Ketkai, you knew that it has a mini-concert at night. Why is it the said place is not secured? You only acted when it already happened(bombing).

RIP to those 6 were killed. 
  1. Roldan Lagbas
  2. Dr. Erwin Malanay
  3. Ryan Palafox
  4. Anthony CaƱete
  5. Ryan Estose
  6. Antonio Paredes

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