04 July 2013

5 Reasons Why You Need To Own Domain

For the past couple of years, I have been into blogging realm yet i didn't own a single domain, until this year, with my little earnings online, i managed to buy some domain names which i could think it is more useful in future.(seems to be true)

To start with:

Domain names is an identification that defines authority, control, identity, branding on the Internet. With the definition alone, you will know how important owning a domain are. There are plenty of valid reasons why you MUST own domain. I will be sharing to you some facts that you might be interested with.

You might ask yourself, what is wrong with FREE service, Free Host and Free Sub-domains?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with FREE stuffs, i mean, i have been there and still i can benefited from it. Well, this is case-to-case basis. However, if you are engaged with small business then you probably need to upgrade a little bit.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Own Domain

1. Identity 

If you own a domain, then it has a financial worth. It is considered an investment. And some advertisers and companies look for your domain as part of your keen part of process in establishing network to business. Also could be verified online identity that could traced any business transaction associated with it.

2. Branding

You have the personal product identity here. If you are into with small business, this is very important because people will search for your name or company/brand/product name. And ideally, search engines love it. In my case, i could receive more advertising service to some companies this is probably of my own domain.

3. Authority

Moz Domain Authority(DA) and Google Page Rank(PR) really love top-level-domains. If you have your own FirstNameLast.com then you will certainly have an authority across internet. A domain up for a couple of years may considered to be more TRUSTED than to new ones.

Additionally, search engines give importance to these yourdomain.  Building Authority means building a trust relationship to readers.

4. Own Property

It is like your personal name. It is unique and belongs to you.  And this domain could not be shared unlike you left it. It is your piece of property. Thus, owning a piece of domain means piece of property.

5. Control

Since domain name defines to control over internet. Acquiring own domain has its benefits. You control it. You represent for it. You own it. You manage it.

Words of Advice

If you are new to online or to blogging industry and you don't have money to invest, then you might still use FREE service like yourdomain.blogspot.com, yourdomain.wordpress.com, yourdomain.tumblr.com etc.

In my case, since i did not have any money to buy few dollars to own a domain, i saved my earnings online then if I could buy it, then twas the right time to expend my earning.

See interesting post: My First Domain!

However, if you really want to increase more earnings or sales then you need to invest and expend money out for it. Mind you, you will get your investment and make it twice back!

If you want to buy cheap domain and is hosted to blogger, maybe you could try register namecheap.

Namecheap offers great .ME domain - namecheap: .me domain sale. Most domains are $11/year so i guess it is not heavy on your part.

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Lastly, you might not need it your domain today but in few years time, for sure, you need it.

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