06 June 2013

First Enterprise-Class HD For Data Center Market: Western Digital

Western Digital now launched its innovative SE HD for data center deployments. This enterprise-grade platform could stand 24/7 operation.
WD Se is a combination of performance, reliability, and robust for most network storage deployment.
  • True enterprise-class drive with the right blend of affordability and capabilities to address the massive growth of semi-structured data, which is accelerating the scale-out of data centers of all size
  • Capacities up to 4 TB
  • the new WD Se hard drives enable customers to balance their data growth challenges in multi-drive enclosures without compromising enterprise-class features.

According to Richard E. Rutledge, senior vice president of WD’s data center storage business unit, said:
“Today’s cloud datacenter installations require a cost-effective way to build large-scale storage systems, while maintaining the 24x7 reliability necessary to minimize total cost of ownership. WD’s utilization of vast amounts of manufacturing and engineering data has forced us – like many other companies – to use map-reduce methodologies to effectively analyzeour data. The WD Se hard drives are used in our own big datacenter, where we havegained real-world experience withApache™ Hadoop®.”
WD Se drives also address the fast-growing SMB to mid-range network-attached storage (NAS) market.

The robust enterprise-class design and higher workload capabilities for SMB-focused 6-bay-plus table-top NAS units and rack-mount multi-tenant NAS solutions with up to 24 bays, provide NAS integrators a complement to WD Red™ hard drives, which are for small NAS systems. WD’s other datacenter hard drives – WD Xe™and WD Re™ – round out the high-end of the NAS market, offering higher durability and performance for large-scale rack-based NAS systems. Together, WD Se, WD Xe, WD Re and WD Red™ provide a total portfolio of robust storage devices to match every size and scale of NAS deployment.


In addition to undergoing at least 5,000,000 hours of functional and thermal testing and over 20,000,000 hours of additional testing under actual workloads in server and storage systems.

Cost-Effective, High Capacity, Low Power Drive Validated in WD’s Real-World Hadoop®Environment; also Ideal for SMB and Mid-Sized NAS Deployments

WD’s Se hard drives key features

  • Dual processor for twice the processing power to maximize performance;
  • Enhanced Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF™) technology that includes sophisticated electronics to monitor the drive and correct both linear and rotational vibration in real time;
  • Dual actuator technology improves head positional accuracy over the data track(s);
  •  StableTrac™ whereby the motor shaft is secured at both ends to reduce system-induced vibration and stabilize platters for accurate tracking during reading and write operations delivering a consistent level of performance for applications
  • Multi-axis shock sensor automatically detects the subtlest shock events and compensates to protect the data;
  • RAID-specific, time-limited error recovery (TLER) prevents drive fallout caused by the extended hard drive error-recovery processes common to desktop drives, and;
  • Dynamic fly height technology where each read-write head’s fly height is adjusted in real time for optimum reliability.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the WD Se hard drives range from PHP 7990 to PHP 14, 990. WD’s Se drives are covered by a five-year limited warranty

WD’s Se hard drives, shipping in capacities from 2 TB to 4 TB, (models: WD2000F9YZ, WD3000F9YZ, and WD4000F9YZ) are available through select distributors and resellers.

More information about WD’s Se enterprise hard drives may be found on the company's website at http://www.wd.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1050.

Image Courtesy to WD
Source: WD Press Release

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