13 June 2013

Why UC Browser Is The Most Popular Mobile Browser in the World?

Do you find amazingly happy with your mobile browser? Do you want to feel the fast and smooth in browsing experience? Using this UC browser could create great surfing experience. Why UC Browser became popular mobile browser in the world?


Mobile users has rapidly increasing with this new technology era and most of the companies build innovative, quality and comprehensive gadgets to ease life with mobile technology. With a great innovations born, UC Browser is definitely one of the most innovative app.

Statistically, UC Browser now has a 400 million users across 150 countries and has a total of 1.5 billion downloads.

In addition, UC Browser garners left-and-right awards from well-respected tech websites especially about.com. Indeed, UC Browser is the most popular Web browser in the world.

 UC Browser: Innovative Mobile Browser

UC Browser is a 100% Free app. It is unbelievably fast, sleek design and smooth browsing experience. Moreover, it has a comprehensive settings (general and advanced) making users free to tweak and customize whatever they want.

UC New key features:

1 .UI  Design Enhancement. Ideally, if you are multi-tasker you would want to organize web apps in one folder. UC Browser has a multiple built-in start screens.

2. Watch Videos Offline: For those who love watching videos through internet. This is quite great feature to try. Based on my understanding, it relatively same as downloading rather it just keeps buffered in order to watch videos.
UC Browser Screen, you will see built-in website urls here. It will minimize effort to enter and browse websites.

3. Customized Themes and Wallpapers: Sometimes, i just want to change the themes in my mobile, this is the same way as the browser. I really love to use bright-colors that why a customizable theme is really a MUST for me.

4. Incognito Browsing: Your Privacy Is at your OWN hand: You might guessed it right away. I know you know that Incognito might be in the Google Chrome. Here, UC Browser has a feature to let your privacy be secured. Privacy is really a subject matter and most users opt to choose to use privacy browser for security purposes.

5. Ad Blocking Feature: More and more websites display ads. While most of us hate annoying ads. UC Browser has an intelligent blocking of ads.

6. Customizable Screen Shots: Though i could use normal screens in my Android phone. Moreover, i used 3rd party app too to take screen shots. However, there is quite bit problem. It will not give you an option to just take this part of the screen. Rather it somewhat gives you full screen shots.  With UC Browser you could choose what part of the screen you will capture.

Download UC Browser now here:
Works with Ipad and tablet too.

Personal Review with UC Browser

While i am enjoying with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in my PC, sometimes built-in internet browser in my phone lacks features that would amaze me from using it.

Honestly, i want to use Firefox and Chrome with my Samsung Galaxy but these apps are not compatible with my phone. Oh yes, i found Opera... and then successfully installed it. But it lacks feature too.

Then, i was into with UC Browser and i find it more useful than any browsers i have. Now take chance to feel my review.

Create multiple tabs

I loved opening more websites at one browser. With this tab, it is more useful and very convenient to use it. Partly, i am a multi-tasker so want to switch tabs. UC browser kinda has this ability to create, switch and close tabs.

In the arrow icon menu, it will displays with Share, Speed Mode, QR Mode Clipboard.


 Can share to bluetooth, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Speed Mode

Turn it ON will make your data saves usage.

QR Mode

Search for QR pictures

You can add phrases or contents here.

UC Settings

Includes General, Preferences and Tools tabs.

Under General tab setting, you will see:
  • Bookmark( add bookmark, history and bookmark manager)
  • Refresh - refresh the page
  • Night - You could set it to night mode to save power and battery consumption
  • Themes - You can download themes here
  • Downloads - this is where files you downloaded display.
  • Fullscreen and Exit

Under Preferences tab, you will see:
  • Settings
  • Brightness
  • Zoom View
  • Scroll Options
  • Text-only
  • Rotation
  • Incognito Browsing

Under Tools Tab, you will see:
  • Save page
  • Find in Page
  • Update
  • Screen Shot
  • Feed Back
  • Data Usage
  • Help

I tried to download themes here, well i find it cooler than normal design.

 Comprehensive Settings for fast and smooth browsing experience. Here the screenshot below.

Download Manager & File Manager

Screenshot Menu

 Night Mode

You can set brightness while in the Night mode.

Night mode UC Browser


Now you know awesome and cool features of UC Browser. I would really suggest to try the MOST popular mobile browser in the world. :) To see and experience is to believe.

 Download UC Browser now here:

Images Screenshot UC Browser | You can check Android Apps here: Android Apps Mobile

Visit UC Browser Homepage: http://www.ucweb.com/

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