27 June 2013

Type Word 'Queer' in Google Search: Did you notice something?

A typical evening, I made an article(quite annoying but useful), and I felt bored. I visited and stumbled other sites to amazing my mind. Landed on Twitter( i wasn't about to look for an individual quote for my status) yet I found an entirely unknown word for me.

It's a news statement, with burst curiosity, I tend to search "QUEER". Yes, i don't know what it means, and I have seen it today.

Anyways, nothings special about here. It was strange yet fantastic. As I searched for the word QUEER, I have noticed something colorful(as shown below).

What does QUEER really means? Why Google put some colorful rainbow in the textbox?

The answer is I don't know. I only look for the QUEER meaning, and it gives me bright text box.
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Queer means (according to the thesaurus Odd or unconventional. This rainbow colored textbox might suggest it is odd strange. I tried to search another to prove it is only for that QUEER.
Thus, Google tricks the queer word to change its search box into colorful.
Image Screenshot from Google

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