02 June 2013

HOW TO: Stop Sponsored Stories/Pages Ads From Appearing On Your Facebook Newsfeed?

If you logged on your Facebook account, probably you will see sponsored stories or suggested pages in your newsfeed. Sometimes, you will see too that your friends like that certain page. And you doubted how it shows in your newsfeed. Actually, those are the social ads where advertiser targeted friends of connection to promote.
It may sound annoying a little part of it, when you want to stop appearing it. You can do these simple steps.

You may see somewhat like this likes .  Facebook does not offer some kind of options to opt out these ads and it breaks your privacy. When you like a certain product page it will show on your friends' newsfeed too.

So how to stop those ads from appearing?

Steps to Stop Facebook Social Ads from Appearing on your Facebook Newsfeed
You need to set your privacy of Other and Interest to Only Me.
1. Go to your Facebook like section => Likes profile page
2.  Look for the pencil icon, then click it. Choose Edit Privacy shown below.

3. It will display a window. Now, set Other and Interests to Only Me

4. Click close and those brands will not able to use your profile in their sponsored stories anymore.

Image taken from screenshot of Facebook

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