27 June 2013

Welcome Back Spam: Users Complain On Twitter

Have you experienced spammy links lately in your Twitter account? I received newsletter with AllthingsD and found interesting post with Twitter SPAMS: SpamBots in Twitter. Like those who complain about the spammy messages on their Twitter accounts, i was one of the victims too. 

In that post, users received @mentions with a diet-link program, while i actually posted a tweet something womens health magazine. Out of my curiosity, i did clicked it and visited the site, and then found diet tip:
Lose 23 lbs of Belly Fat in 1 Month With This Appetite Curbing Product used by Celebrity Jamie Pressly. Exclusive Offer for Readers.
What the heck if i go on dieting program, actually, i am not chubby that needs to join in the diet program.

Actual Spam Tweet
As i remember, i did not post anything with diet thingy, i also checked my apps and i revoked the latest app but im pretty sure its a highly trusted site, still i didnot think twice about revoking.

Now, i was so wrong, after reading the AllThingsD post, Twitter was compromise. Say hello to spams! Good thing, Twitter resets my password as it believes to be compromised. Twitter adds few tips too.

1. Always check the browser's address, sometimes, they will use another-yet-close domain name to capture your attention, it might be like this twiter.com, twiitter.com. This is a phishing technique that could get your login info.
2. Refrain from granting access to service or websites that is not TRUSTED.
3. Revoke Access if necessary.
4. Use strong password.

Image Screenshot Twitter

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