23 June 2013

Finally Enabled and Optimized Responsive Template

Did you set your websites to be responsive-powered feature? Are you aware that Google will now penalized websites that are not mobile friendly? What does Responsive Layout means? Why you need to implement it in your websites? Here, you will learn why you need to enable responsive websites.


According to studies, more people prefer to use their phones rather than their desktops. This is very true, in fact, we always bring our phone at work, leisure, travel etc.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach in web design to provide optimized viewing experience – it will be flexible reading and navigating pages with minimum resizes, pans and scrolls to different devices such as desktop, laptop, netbook, iphones, ipad, tablet, and smartphones.

Website adapts layout viewing by:

  • Fluid Grid 
  • Flexible Images
  • CSS Media queries

I will not further explain to you about RWD, if you want to explore this topic. Visit here: Responsive Web Design

Why do you need to enable Responsive Layout?

In my case, when i read about Google Changes in rankings of smartphone search results, i began to worry. I scratched my head and inhaled deep. What will happen to my sites now? Will Google penalized my websites? Afraid about ranking down, I MUST change my website's layout to be more friendly to smartphone users but its difficult on my part because i am not a web designer nor a programmer.

Though i know some basic idea about web designing and programming.  Studying responsive web design is quite challenging and fun but i need to enable my websites as soon as possible. So for now, i will just research responsive templates and study later.

Since i am using blogger platform, i found less templates than those on wordpress platform. Moreover, i am using simple blogger template and need to optimize it from scratch. Though, in blogger, it supports mobile version, i should be aware that more devices are very different layout sizes. Indeed, tweaking this is a lot of fun.

Good thing for those bloggers using the new template in blogger, i don't see any problem with that. But i find it more difficult to tweak.

Rather than designing and making codes out for that, i just research for responsive template instead.

Why do you need to enable responsive layout?

Visitors with great viewing experience is very important than those boring coding styles which only supports to desktop.

  • More friendly to any devices which lead to more traffic and more visitors.
  • Technologically equipped to new trend
  • Google penalized to websites that were not mobile friendly
Install Responsive Layout Now

I'm pretty sure there are lots of templates out there that provide and support responsive layouts. From a blogger and wordpress platform.

Enabled Responsive Templates in my Sites

I am very thankful to use the Template Design by Herdiansyah Hamzah that puublished by Borneo Templates with my sites: MabzTech and Android Apps Mobile. With more tweak i have implemented with my blogs, i have a great experience and fun with it.


Responsive layouts are very useful to users experience. Thus, enabling responsive web design approach can be fun and enjoyable viewing experience. In addition, if you are afraid of the Google's ranking down with websites that aren't smartphone-friendly, then you should use responsive now. :)


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