18 June 2013

Introducing Nokia 301 Dual SIM Phone With 3.5G Internet Connection

Nokia may be far behind with the two great competitor Samsung and Apple, Nokia does not stop from making innovative and quality product. Nokia has been known for its robust quality. Though, in the Philippines, MyPhone has started first in supporting dual SIM. It seems that Nokia pushes a breakthrough to counter-part MyPhone's greatest feature.

Introducing: Nokia 301 DUAL SIM phone

With the Nokia Fanpage, they post a great and cheap phone on market. A so-called 3.5G Internet Connection that lets you watch streaming videos on Youtube. How great is this news? Now, you wont have a difficult time in accessing internet with Nokia 301 Dual SIM.


Not only Nokia 301 DUAL SIM made to boost streaming experience but also with perfect capturing moments as it has 3.2 MP good for self-portraits, panorama, and wild shots.


Nokia 301 Dual SIM is very convenient to bring because it has a display size of 2.4". It has 114mm height, 50mm width, 102 grams weight and 12.5mm thickness.

Operating keys

As usual, Nokia keeps its keys
  • Call key
  • End key
  • 4-way Navi key with select
  • Alphanumeric keypad

Supports Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5 mm audio connector, 3.5G, USB 2.0, and Dual SIM. Nokia 301 Dual SIM has no WIFI support.

Data Network

Though it does not support WIFI, still, Nokia 301 has a GSM Network, EGPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA data network

Power Management

Nokia has been known for its durability and endurance, the battery capacity has 1200 mAh and has a standby time of 504 hr (2G) and talktime of 20hr (2G). For 3G, it has 504 hr standby and 6hr talktime.

Image source: Nokia official site | Nokia Facebook Fanpage

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