27 June 2013

NameCheap Offers Great Sale with .ME Domain + Private Email for $0.98

If you are looking for an affordable personal domain, then here's a limited time offer with NameCheap! Buy now at its cheapest rate of $0.98 with.ME domain name Not only that, it gives one-year private email too.

It is a LIMITED TIME offered by Namecheap, buy now!

To fully understand well, let's talk briefly about domains.

Namecheap at $0.98 limited offer

What is Domain?

I know you mostly heard or seen that online. In case you didn't know:

  • Domain Name defines the administrative authority and control on the internet. It is formed by protocols and procedures of the DNS(Domain Name System).

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Domain names are organized with levels:
  • First-level domain names or Top-Level Domains(TLD) includes com, info, net and org
  • Country code top-level includes .us, .ph, .jp, .sg, .uk, .to, etc.
Where does.ME belongs to?

The .ME  extension belongs to country code top-level which was assigned to Montenegro as its country code. However, in June 2006 it became independent and operated as a generic name.

More interesting facts about me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.me#Domain_structure_for_.me

Namecheap Offers Cheap Price @ $0.98

Namecheap offers with a great and affordable price with a personal domain.ME extension at $0.98 plus one-year private email.

Why do you need a personal domain?

I love this.ME domain but I do already have my own domain, but it is Professional Web with my Full Name: http://www.richardmaboloc.pw/

So why do you need a personal domain?
  • Look professional
It shows that you have the full ownership in online. Using your name adds professional presence.
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility
If you want to be visible in search engine, this is a quite useful domain.
  • Secure your reputation
Adding personal domain can create online reputation and authority.
  • Market your Business and Yourself
The personal domain name, of course, focuses more on you and what you offer: your photos, passion, experience, and product.

And grab your personal domain! :)


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