09 June 2013

Got Bored....And then i Made Something Quite Crazy Photo of Mine

This got to be something real. Yes, Sunday claimed to be a bored day for me. I mean, i did not take a chance to spend quality outside rather i was sitting in my PC and doing browsing and exploring stuff. At one point, bit of boredom, i decided to create another vector art of mine. Nothing serious here. I just spent my spare time doing something's crazy and here it is.

Well, i was into ARTS, and i know some basic designing techniques and styles. For those all of you, i was been a Graphic Designer in our school. I really appreciated that award though. And to tell you it is my hobby. Hobby that can be potentially earned respect to artists. hehehe.. Now, without a doubt i just created my newly childish yet crazy vector art.

By the way, What is a Vector art?
Raster Graphic

First of all, those images you have seen is a type of RASTER graphic. I will explain to you.  Raster images are those photos/images made of thousands or millions of tiny little square of color data called pixel.

However, raster images has its pros and cons.

  • Rich Detail: dpi or dots per inch, the more dpi contains the more subtle details as it is.
  • if you enlarged that images/photos, it will become some like blurry or distorted. I know you dont want to happen.

Vector art

Now, since i mentioned it, my VECTOR art is ill provide basic info. You might as well as this: What is a Vector art?

Okay, Vector images/graphics uses MATH to draw. Vector shapes are scalable which means if you enlarge it, it will not be distorted or becomes blurry images.

The only constraint about it is the limited details because of its data need to remember they are not practically require exact coloring.

Vector art mainly for LOGOS because it creates high quality graphic output. Back in my vector art, i used here ADOBE Photoshop CS3, a photo manipulating software that enhances photos and create awesome design.

These vector arts made from 79 shapes of pen tool. Sounds more number right? Yes, if you want to achieve realistic vector art, you need to have more and more shape here using pen tool.

Here's my actual screenshoot with my vector shapes!

hehhehehe.. i used it in my profile picture in Facebook :))

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