16 June 2013

Kat.PH Shuts Down By Philippine Government. What Will Happen to Kat.PH Now?

This is gotten to be serious now. By the way, my question is, how about focusing on those greedy government officials instead? Or else fight to resolve poverty in the Philippines? Technically, Government hunts online copyright infringers. Watch out. omg.

In the Interaksyon news, Kat.ph, a torrent site for movies, news, TV shows, and software had been taken shut down by the Philippine Domain Registrar, DoTPH after IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL)'s Bureau of Legal Affairs issued a TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) which PARI(Philippine Association Recording Industry Inc) complained about the illegal activity specifically which OPM songs.

Is torrent downloading legal?
Technically, torrent peer-to-peer(p2p) is legal. What makes it illegal is that some files downloaded were copyrighted. Thus, a company, agency or group could sue legal action with a particular website that deals illegal sharing of records.

Right now, it's been a great news among torrent freaks out there. Some rage, some were happy. Well, this is not the first that a particular country seized down those torrent sites. There are lots of torrents sites.

It was PARI(Philippine Association of Recording Industry Inc) filed a copyright infringement to Kat.ph to take down the domain. PARI is an association that merges, groups, and monitors music recording companies. In the TRO, it was cited that KAT.PH had unauthorized downloads and uses of OPM(Original Pilipino Music ) and stated it had 'irreparable damages to industries.'

TRO has 72 hours and could extend to 20 days. If no counter-affidavit is filed, the agency continuously could block the website.

IPOPHL is now securing a conjunction to commit with NTC(National Telecommunications Commission) and ISP(Internet Service Providers) to help fight online copyright infringement activities.

So What Happen To KAT.PH now?
Since the issue of the TRO took effect, it is impossible for the domain kat.ph to reinstate. Thus, kat.ph will be gone quite a long time.

However, kat.ph has many proxies and same as thepiratebay it is tough to shut it down. Besides, according to TorrentFreak, Kat.ph 50% proxies redirected to Kickass.to, and it is also cited that  TorrentMirrors keep torrents alive, of course, its right.

Again: I don't condone illegal activity.

By the way, have you ever been downloaded from Kat.ph site? I'm pretty sure you do, but not with OPM though. -_-


Disclaimer: This is my pure opinion. I don't encourage individuals to download or upload illegal files to sites. If in case, this post has an issue about this illegal thingy. You can email me at [email protected] with further instructions.

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