30 June 2013

HOW TO: Update Google Chrome [Solved]

One of the most popular, fastest, simplest and most widely used browsers in the history of the internet is the Google Chrome. While it tops the race among Desktop Browsers, some few users still used the so-called father of browsers which is the Internet Explorer.

For those who are using Google Chrome as their partners in surfing the net, sometimes, they failed to update its Google Chrome, which resulted to slow down and exposed to security flaws.

Google Chrome is a web browser (now available on Android smartphones) built with its simplicity, highly optimized performance and speed, security-level featured and more key features.

Simple Way to Update Google Chrome


1. Open Google Chrome browser
2. Look for the wrench icon or option-column icon(see below)
3. Click About Google Chrome
4. Or just type this: chrome://chrome/ in the Chrome's address bar.
5. Now, Google Chrome will start to update.

here's my updated version as of June 30, 2013

Image screenshots Google Chrome browser

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