03 June 2013

HOW TO: Turn Off Game Request Notifications On Facebook

Honestly, I would like to say this: I really don't like receiving game requests notifications! Of course, most of the Facebook users frustrated to receive it. Unless you also played with these games. Almost, all game requests of mine have been stopped. 

The option i thought it is better is just turn it off rather than complaining to the source friend. Well, this is a nicer way not of confronting a friend.

Would you like to turn it off instead?

Suppose you don't like to receive game request you can simply turn it off.
HOW TO TURN OFF Game Request
To stop receiving game requests notification follow these simple yet useful steps

1. If you receive game request notification, click it.
2. Then at the left side of it, it will show delete/turn off button when hovering it.
3. Click delete icon[turn off] then

4. Choose Turn Off

5. Done! 

All notifications from a certain game app will not send you notifications.

With these simple steps, i hope you find it simple. I know most of you knows how turn off game request notifications.

Posts your experience here.


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