06 June 2013

How Could I Get Money Online? Learn With These FEW Ways

Several years ago, I also started to ask myself with this kind of question: How could I get money online? Where to get money online? That day, I was a bit completely blanked. No one helps me explore. I didn't know those time that the internet is full and wide of potential generating place and there were actually a few ways to earn real money.

Earn Money Online
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While the increase of new websites and technology, there were plenty also services/sites offer and give potential earning money online. The question: How Could I Get Money Online, will now disclose!

How I Earn Money Online?
I guess it is too broad to discuss it. But I will just share it with you on what I actually gained and obtained from monetization path. Way back I started into blogging career, I didn't know about money making scheme. I didn't know how to earn money for living. The heck I care about it! But after stumbling from different website niches, I found fascinating stuff, a wide full of information online.

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Four years ago, I learned that more people already kept on earning a significant amount of money. Additionally, with my few blogger friends that could be found here APB. They could make a minimum of $300/month. Well, I was a bit shy to share my small revenue, though. Thus, I asked advice from them, and good thing, I know few tips to increase my earnings.

Finally, I am equipped now with idea and knowledge on how to achieve successfully in online marketing. I can now answer: where to get money, how could I get money online?

Now, if you will ask me that, I will answer you with these.

How did I get money online?
First of all, there are lots of ways to generate income online. I will give you some few ways.
You can actually earn in Blog alone, but I will not only limit with the blog.

Few ways to earn online:
  • Affiliates: The process of it can be simplified: You review a product, sell it and earn a commission. The problem here is how to persuade potential customers. Though I have tried this kind of method, I didn't win any cents. Maybe because I lack some persuading skill that could attract consumers.
  • Designing: If you are an artists or knows graphic design, this is for you. You could earn significant money too. Join here: Fiverr.com(plug your talent) or 99designs.com(Join contests and earn a reward money usually $100-400/design).
  • Buy and Sell: You can post your product online and start gaining customers. It is most likely greater chance to earn here. Remember: Amazon.com?
  • Work Online: This is perhaps the most conventional method, if you have talent and skill then it is not difficult to find a job online. You can register odesk.com, freelancer.com, etc.
What you need to have?
You need to pursue, believe, and work hard for it. Do you need to invest money here? If you don't have money, you could do blogging: It's 100% Free, you can join ClixSense, or you can work online.

Now you have information here, it is your time to do such ways. How Could I Get Money Online? My: answer: You just need to acquire knowledge and idea. I shared some information above here. :)

P.S. I will update more here. :))

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