29 June 2013

Will Google Creates Android-Based Videogame Console?

After learning Google initiated to create floating internet, Google Loon. Apparently, Google may build video game console for gamers. Well, its a great news for gamers out there and for those who love to play games in Android, the internet giant, Google  is creating a videogame console that runs on Android OS.

In a report, Wall Street Journal, stated that Google will develop an Android-based videogame console and wristwatch. However, Google Spokesman declined to comment.

Android Videogame Console

In other blog, according to Mashable, it was on the same week that the release of Ouya ($99 kickstarter) a controller combo which runs also with Android OS, fits into palm and starts selling Android-based console and game controller might suggest for Google to build an android-based video game console.

In fact, Google is eyeing on the efforts of Ouya Inc. If Google will make a videoconsole game, Ouya will get lots of feedback.

Since Google spokesman neither confirm nor deny. In my opinion, however, Google may run a race to compete with Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. If it is true then, does Google competes these game console leaders?

In addition, also according to Wall Street Journal, Google expects that Apple will also launch its own videogame console as part of its Apple TV product release. Apple spokesman denied to comment too.

The gaming world experience in future, we will be seeing a race between these companies:
  • Sony - PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft - Xbox One
  • Nintendo - Wii U
  • Google - Not yet, but certainly runs on Android
  • Apple - Not Yet
Whose side are you on? For me, i like Free games :)

Lastly, Google prepares the release of its 2nd version of Android media streaming device, called Nexus Q.



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