01 June 2013

First Telco To Offer BlackBerry Q10: Unveils Globe Telecom

I am not a fan of BlackBerry Phones, and this is yet for BlackeBerry fans! This is a quite BIG good news! Globe Telecom now offers BlackBerry Q10 to postpaid users. Globe becomes the first telecom in the Philippines to launch BlackBerry Q10 and take note: Will be the ONLY operator offering newest BlackBerry smartphone for the first 30 days and it is officially available in the country on June 7, 2013, Friday.

The best-ever MySuperPlan (hails as the most innovative telecom project award 16th Telecom Asia Awards 2013) offers BlackBerry phone to Globe Postpaid plan users.

How to order BlackBerry Q10? Is BlackBerry a fit and right smartphone?

BlackBerry Q10 Black
BlackBerry Q10 available as low as:
  • P1499 monthly under MySuperPlan 999 with a cashout of P500*** monthly over two years contract period.
  • Package Bundle with unlimited LTE surfing up to 42 Mbps and a monthly consumable peso value that could be converted to avail another promo. Check this out: PesoValue = PV conversion
According to Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid, in his statement:

“Our postpaid leadership is once again brought to life with this partnership with BlackBerry as Globe gets first dibs on the latest BlackBerry smartphone that’s about to hit the Philippine market,”Filipinos are huge BlackBerry users, and we’re excited to be the first to offer the BlackBerry Q10 under our best-ever MySuperPlan, which promises to bring the best BlackBerry smartphone experience ever as we take plan customization and personalization a notch higher, where subscribers get the ultimate flexibility in creating a postpaid plan that best fits their needs, lifestyle, and budget.”
Postpaid eligibility on Globe Guarantee
  • No Bill Shock policy
  • Assured Customers subscribed to plans Plans 999
  • Seven-day phone replacement
  • 24/7 access to Globe customer service channels.
BlackBerry Q10 White
Introducing BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 build with accurate and optimum performance in design. It is a smartphone combining both BlackBerry's best physical keyboard and touch screen with the OS BlackBerry 10 features.

BlackBerry 10: re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented platform gives powerful hardware, communications and multimedia features and unique mobile computing experience among users. Also provides long-lasting battery life.
  • Peek and glance
  • BlackBerry® Hub - brings all conversations and manage in one place
  • BlackBerry® Balance™ - separates and secures work app and data from personal
  • BlackBerry® Remember - helps users tackle talks quickly
  • BBM™ *BlackBerry® Messenger) - lets users share things instantly.
  • New on-screen keyboard
  • video calling
  • screen sharing
For more details visit here: BlackBerry 10: New Operating System OS

BlackBerry Q10 Availability

Starting last May 29, 2013, Subscribers can order BlackBerry Q10 via:
  • Web - www.globe.com.ph/bbq10
For Globe Stores, it will begin on June 7, 2013.

*** For 24 months 0% interest on handset cash out via participating credit cardholders such as Allied/PNB, BDO/Amex, BPI, Citibank, HSBC, RCBC Bankard, Security Bank/Diners Club, Unionbank, and Eastwest Bank.

Do you like BlackBerry Q10?

Image Courtesy to Globe Telecom Press Release
Source: Globe PR

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