04 June 2013

First Cashout With Chitika Advertising Network

First of all, i really want to thank Chitika for the first payment and was sent in my Paypal. Though, it is not a large amount to be surprised of yet im happy. *half-smiled*  At least, this little blessing could somewhat help me invest more in the blogging course. A publisher that wanted to monetize their blog, surely can use this Chitika service.

How i got first cash out with Chitika?

What is Chitika ?
Chitika, Inc. is a search-targeted advertising company. It offers great revenue for publishers and traffic for advertiser. If you have Google Adsense, you can mixed it up to Chitika. Honestly, Google Adsense has bigger revenue than Chitika but GA(Google Adsense) take a lot of hardship just to get one Adsense account.

However, i have few tips on how to get approved with Google Adsense.

Chitika Featured App Setting
If you want to earn more revenues with Chitika, maybe you should check apps to perform maximum potential earnings.
  • Chitika Linx is a in-text ads that displays relevant link to interactive paid product listings.
  • Hover - If you scrolls down the page, this ads will hover bottom on the right corner. And it will show relevant ads too.
  • Highlight - if you copy and paste some text from the page, it will show and display keywords plus link which could earn high amount.

Register here and start earning money

First Cashout with Chitika
Well, i should feel happiness with this great news. Although, i didnt get notifications for the payment. As i checked my Paypal, it displays there.
I received an amount of $10.11 USD, its pretty small right? But, i only posted contents.... I guess i earned it in a passive way but i hardly made blog post with this blog. 

To see it to believe, heres my screenshot with Paypal + Chitika. 

Well again, thank you Chitika for the gift. ^_^

And earn money for your works! :) Enjoy

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