22 June 2013

First Clixsense Payout + Upgraded to ClixSense Premium User

At long last, i was able to receive my first ever ClixSense cashout with an amount of $9.09. Though, it was pretty small but i did not pay any fee for that. Its 100% Free: No Registration FEE, Extra FEE and other hidden FEES.

To review back, i was registered to ClixSense PTC last 2011. Its been 2 years now since i got my first payout today. I know you wont wait for that years just to earn small amount right? But if you have lots of patience, then certainly you could learn and earn $100/day or more which i am currently working on ^_^.  By the way, it is not my main priority to click ads with ClixSense. I have this blogging career sideline which could earn $2-8/day and averages to $3/day. Now, let me continue....

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Even from loooong period of time, clicking ads with my spare time might be boring job, still i manage to patiently view ads just to earn $0.001 - $0.01.

Honestly, more and more websites today offer high generating income revenues which i often reviewed and found out to be a scam type sites.

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Lists of reviewed sites:
First Clixsense Payout

If you are normal ClixSense user, you could cash out with an amount of $8. Since i was one of those-rather-choose-free-type users, i waited for $8 to cash out. I did not know, i actually got $9.09. Well, i must thank to ClixSense and those users who signup and became my downline. As a upline, in future, i will give FREE upgrades with my downlines.

Clixsense Withdrawal - Click image to view larger
Here, i requested for the amount, then ClixSense withdrew my earnings. 
Transaction Details with Paypal
Transactions details in Paypal with the amount of received just to prove its legality.

At one point, i became one of the top 50 sponsors clixsense ptc site which ideally made me earn more revenues.

If you want to earn money with Clixsense, you can visit Clixsense 100% FREE. Also, you will not just earn from clicking ads, you will get cash from ClixGrid, Offers, and Tasks.

Upgrade to Clixsense Premium User
With the amount i got from Clixsense, i was thinking about the upgrades. Its a bit difficult to decide whether to become premium or not. After i studied and analyzed being premium user, i ventured to try to become a premium user. Why?

I calculated the premium potential earning revenue. If i have four guaranteed ads worth $0.01 per day, i could earn a total of $0.04 multiplied in 1 year. I got $14 only alone and upgrading to premium worth $17/year. So, a $3 will make a lot of difference.

However, $14 could really get with clicking ads only. It does not includes those ads worth $0.001. And with those ads worth $0.02.

Meaning, i could still earn more $14 with Clixgrid, Offers, Tasks and Commissions.

Premium USER benefits
  • Referral signup commissions up to $0.50 
  • Higher direct referral click commissions
  • More chances to win in ClixGrid game. From 30 ads to 60 ads chances. ClixGrid has 5 sec/ads.
  • More ads available
  • Can cashout minimum of $6
  • 8-Tier Affiliate Program *
* PREMIUM members will get paid through 8-Tiers for referrals who also upgrade their accounts as opposed to only 1-Tier for STANDARD accounts

Standard VS Premium
One of the better ways to earn more is to invite friends. This is very quite difficult to achieve. You really need a marketing strategy to attract people to register with you as their upline.

In my case, i was able to persuaded them by reviewing scam sites and preferred  to choose Clixsense instead. Well, that's very effective system. In fact, i became top 50 sponsors. That's really great.

Phew, i was being very hopeful with a premium type of user.

Lastly, take note that earning money is not as easy as you might think. You need to exert more effort, invest quality time & money, and be patiently enough.


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