18 June 2013

Facebook Chat & Comment Icons 2013 Script Review

Have you ever seen the new and unique Facebook icon in chats or comments? If so, how is it appealing to you? I bet your friends were using it. Yes, indeed, it was pretty impressive and i wonder where they find those cute icons and use it in chat and comment. With Facebook mobile, i have seen a lot of these cute little new icons. My friends too really use such. I hope they would not mind that i actually searching for it.

Honestly, it is really difficult to look these Facebook icons. Thankfully, there were some of my friends did share about these on their wall. In my previous post, i stated there that you could use icons if you will join the so-called Facebook Group and then start copying those square characters and paste it to chat or comment.

Today, though its a bit busy day for me, my heart felt and skipped with excitement with this new discovery i have finally stumbled. Actually, i seldom visited userscripts website. Gladly, at the first page, i saw something quite interesting script, Facebook Comment and Chat Emoticons 2013

The so-called Facebook Comment and Chat Emoticons 2013 finally here i don't need to copy & paste square characters in order to send chat or to post comment which shows cute smileys. Yet, it is very straightforward and simple. 

This script captivated my taste, and so, i have tried using it. And i filled with great joy!

If you are not familiar with the new icons, you could see below screenshot.

I know it is lovely and cute, but it is really difficult to find such icons. But today, with a simple script, you can use it these smileys anyway.

Introducing: Facebook Comment and Chat Emoticons 2013

Update: 06-18-2013 - 9:02PM
  • It seems it is perfectly works well but later on, it prompts a notification not to subscribe a lists at once. So this is quite annoying script.

Facebook Comment & Chat Emoticons 2013 was made by a certain name: Rendi Okriza Putra (Ndy) and this script could find here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/171181

How to Install with this script? Not Recommended if you dont want to subscribe annoying page/person

Just follow steps below

For Mozilla Firefox users

1. You need to have GreaseMonkey Addon in order to run the script. Take note also that it will not install with the new version of Firefox, so instead download the old browser. If you already have greasemonkey, then its great!

2. Visit: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/171181 and install the script. ( Install button located upper right of the page)

3) Restart your Firefox browser.

4) Login your Facebook account, and you will see a "Like Icon" at the header.

5) And now, you could use it if you are ready to comment or chat.... click that like icon and choose the best icon for you....and with this, you will see square character
6) Post it to show how exactly it is.

For Google Chrome Users

1) In Firefox, you need greasemonkey addon before installing the script. Here in Google Chrome, you need to have a tampermonkey extension

2. Install this script found here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/171181

4) Restart your Google Chrome and login your Facebook account.

5) Now, you will notice "Like Smiley Emoticon" at Facebook header.

6) To use it, get at the textbox (chat or comment) then click Like Icon and then..choose icon.

7) You will just see square icon first, but when you enter or post it, it will show cute icon.


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