01 June 2013

Facebook Sharing Feeling/Doing Status Update: New Unveiled Feature

Feeling sicked? Watching TV? Drinking Tea? Listening to your favorite music? Reading novel books? Now, you can actually put this feeling or doing in your Facebook Status with cool icons depict your mood/activity. However, not all profile has this feature but the good news is that in few days those profile will be added to their account. Is this feature be more useful in the user side? Does it help putting such status to peers ?

Facebook has finally added this so-cute mood/activity sharing status update to users. This feature has a lot of feelings/doings which connect to you. While for now, it does not give to all Facebook users worldwide. Just in case you have it, just play and enjoy with it.

Poop icon: Facebook Poop icon: an EW?
You can now share how you're feeling or what you actually are doing. So how to share it?

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How to Share Feelings or Doing Status Update?
1. In your timeline, click the mood icon:

2. Choose Feeling or Doing  in the drop down menu.
3. After that choosing, click one of the suggestions in the drop down menu. Example drinking with Coffee

4. However, if you find it not on the listed drop down menus, you can add on your own.

5. Once done, you can click Post button.

6. Here's my final status update. -_-

If you don't have mood icon yet, just wait until Facebook fully give this feature to you.
Well, its a lot of fun using those cute icons of our Facebook Status update though.

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Share this cute icons to your timeline! :)

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