17 June 2013

Does Your Favorite ISP Really Gives You Maximum UP To Mbps Data Rate?

Are you really paying for a certain maximum Mbps rate with your ISP? Do you feel and experience frustration that your Internet connection is very quite slow compared to ISP's advertised 'Up to Mbps' ? Did you really think you could really get exactly what ISP does advertise? Well, these are the most common questions that a consumer (like us) might wondered and often asked concerning about a slow and expensive internet connection. Right now, i will give some insights on why our internet connection speed is really slow.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers a great deals about internet connection speed bandwidth and mostly could attracts us from subscribing to them. These ISPs often give as advertise as "UP TO Mbps". What does "up to" means? Generally, if you are paying for "up to 5 Mbps", the sad news is that, there is no guarantee that you could get that very number of bandwidth. Don't get excited seeing such figure because later on, you sure will complain. Anyways. To continue...

Just imagine, a 5 Mbps connection could download a MP3 music with a file size of 5 MB to only 1 second. Moreover, as you watch videos online, it will be smooth and relatively fast. Just imagine. It will be great right?
However, the sad part is that, you will often experienced SLOW browsing, downloading, uploading and streaming. So why did it happen anyway? Could you blame ISP for that? I guess it don't apply technically.

When an ISP offers "Up to Mbps", they really give you "UP to maximum Mbps " but does not really guarantee you to get and receive  maximum of  Mbps. Why ISP likes that?

If you examine the word phrases, it would mean "UP to" yet not "maximum". So to illustrate, when an ISP gives you "up to 2Mbps", happily, you can reach that bandwidth unless otherwise it is not shared, it is not on peak hours, it has less consumers and has up-to-date hardware.

But what if you use internet in the peak hours? Of course, you will not get that "2Mpbs" because it is advertised only as "Up To". If somebody use in that very same day, it sure it is slow. 

Now, you have guessed it! ISP's offers could be misleading ads. But you can't blame ISPs, this is also a business. However, with other countries, they mostly give internet for free and it is really fast compared to third world countries. -_- (i am part of that 3rd world country).

What are the Factors that could lead connection be slower?

Generally, it is really hard to pinpoint problems which resulted to slow connection speed. But based on the real-life experiences, we could perhaps tell what were the problems. Slower speeds might not be the problem with ISP but rather on some factors that we(user) were experienced.

So here, i will put some issues that might slow internet connection speed:
  • Peak Hours - Since your internet connection is being shared to other consumers, in peak hours you will notice down time and congestion....thus experienced slow browsing activity.
  • Hardware issues - Yes, this could be true at some point, when you have old system especially on routers, you really need to update it because newest software versions have been coded with optimize performance and speed.
  • Signal - If you are living behind mountains or rural areas, this is really a problem. Compared living in the urban cities, signal is strong and stable.
  • Throttle - This slow down time made by p2p traffic such as torrents.
  • Third Party Websites - Even if you feel fast internet connection, when you visit a site or download a file yet still slow, this is probably the problem of that sites not on your ISPs.

Again, there are so many factors that could affect internet connection performance. Still glad to share with you some reasons why you experience down times.

To check your speed, you could use speedtest. (speedtest.net).

This is my speedtest result, oh its sux! -_-


So now, you have seen and witnessed the slow speed, it will not be with ISP but rather dependent to environment and user preferences. With that, i just hope you will fully understand why it has down times.

  Tip:  Don't be mislead with the "Up to Mbps". In case you really want Mbps connection, feel free to subscribe a Dedicated connection wherein you will be the only one will use that Mbps bandwidth.

Though dedicated internet connection is very fast, you could expect it to be very expensive too.

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