20 June 2013

Devant: TV Extraordinaire - Exceptionally LEDTech Leaders PH

Done watching the the yet most anticipated Man of Steel of the year? I supposed you already watched that blockbuster movie. While most of us, prefer to watch those films at home, we tend to sit and relax together watching in the TV.

What you have exactly felt when watching Man of Steel in the theater would somehow be similar as Devant TV Extraordinary delightful experience in TV viewing.

I still miss to watch Man of Steel, but based on my friend's comments, that was very 100% awesome. But don't blame me if i will not totally agree with them. Since i was sitting pretty here in my PC, i rarely watched TV, but wait, as i glance the specs of this LEDTech TV, Devant TV. I was pretty excited to own one (someday).
Devant is a TV brand that has this quality features:
  • HD Display
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Advanced Featured
  • Affordable Price.

How beautiful it would be if you will use Devant to watch Man of Steel?


Devant LEDTech TV has a better choice of its SUPERIOR Color performance. You dont have to worry about your very eyes.

Advanced Features

I was been in those TVs with old, and boring specs that only has audio and video display. Now, Devant TV has its feature same with those PCs, you could share MP3, MOVIES, and even photos in USB devices. Is it efficient and convenient?

It has HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) slots too that could give you connection to external devices. 

Energy Saver

Devant equipped with CHIP that are energy-conserving yet better performance. Devant TVs are low voltage and low power consumption resulted to lower costs and bigger savings.

Since i am mentioning Man of Steel here, Devant launched its campaign that consumers could get exciting freebies.

Prices & Freebies

For only P39,950
Buy a DEVANT 46iTV600 (46") LEDTech TV and get a DV-5160 5.1Ch Speaker system and a DV-100 HDMI player

For only P44,950 | Blu-Ray Player
DEVANT 50GL510 and get a free BD-M1 Mini 3D Blu-ray player

For only P69,950 | Internet
55-inch DEVANT 55iTV730 SMART 3D INTERNET TV. In which you could experience internet browsing in your TV screen. Now, you can set statuses in your Facebook, watch Youtube.
It has BD-M1 Mini 3D Blu-ray player too.

For only P69,950 | Mini Theather
With the BR-52 5.1Ch 3D Blu-ray player and DV-5270 5.1Ch Speaker system that comes with the 50-inch DEVANT 50iTV630.

For only P99,950 | Ultimate Promo
DEVANT 55WIZ830 55-inch SMART 3D INTERNET TV gives you two freebie options. Get another DEVANT 42iTV600 42-inch LEDTech TV, or a BR-52 5.1Ch 3D Blu-ray player and a DV-5270 5.1Ch Speaker system.

Devant TVs are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Visit www.devanttv.com for more details.

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