30 June 2013

Bloggers.com Is Now Closed

It's been a few weeks back when Bloggers.com announced the shutting down permanently its website. Sadly, its been an useful indeed to build audience with this site.

Bloggers.com officially closed last June 25, 2013. The reason primarily rises from lack of funding and way too high of its expenses with its server maintenance.

The owner of the site still waiting for investors/buyers to put up money/buy the site to revive the site. Apparently, at this point of day, I still see the warning message.

Brief Information about Bloggers

Bloggers was first started and enrolled last June 24, 20013 by Park Ik. Bloggers' mission is to connect millions of bloggers to build an audience and to personalize topics of interests.

Though, O am new in this Bloggers, i felt sad about it shutting down. Moreover, I felt that, i have improved building quality topics on the site.

Lastly, I found more visitors in the site. So I guessed I must feel grief about this sad news.

If some investors or buyers will revive its service, I would be happier.
To contact, message the admin: [email protected]

Image screenshots: bloggers.com

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