18 June 2013

Globe Telecom Garners 3 Nominations @ Asia Communications Awards

Seriously, the best place to work @ Globe Telecom? Have you ever been thought with this? Did really Globe Telecom be the best place to work on? 

This is whistle blower news, some people would doubt and some would be proud.  

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In a press release, Renato Jiao, Head of Globe Human Resource Group said that Globe became the Best Place to Work in the ACA(Asia Communications Awards) which only mean that the employee's satisfaction rises over 75% since 2012.

It is believed that Globe keep customers be more valued because it has satisfied employees. Globe Telecom has garnered 3 nominations in ACA: Best Brand Campaign, Best Customer Service Initiative, and Best Place to Work.

Globe entered for the first time in the ACA competition. ACA(Asia Communications Awards) a prestigious committee that gives great achievement recognition in Asia telecom companies/individuals and new services which made innovative and creative services in the industry.

The leading telecommunications firm got two nominations in the Best Brand Campaign category for its “Globe Gets Me” campaign and Tattoo Broadband’s “Marked For Greatness” campaign. This category gives recognition given to the organization that has been most effective in creating a compelling brand for its products or services in one or more branches of the media.

The best brand campaigns got 2 nominations namely: Globe Gets Me and Marked For Greatness/

Globe Telecom’s Customer Service Innovation on Social Media has also been nominated in the Best Customer Service Initiative category, which gives recognition to the entry with a well-designed and successfully implemented customer care strategy that produced tangible and quantifiable results measured in terms of financial results or quantifiable improvements in customer experience.
 In addition, Globe garnered nomination as Best Customer Service Initiative category with its Customer Service Innovation on Social Media.

On June 20, 2013, ACA will announced winners at Conrad Centennial, Singapore.

Source: Globe Press Release

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