12 May 2013

How to Vote in An Automated Election System? [Solved]

Tomorrow is the day for Election this year 2013 for senatorial and local position.  Added to that, perhaps, tonight it may be raining with the so-called "Vote Money". Woopps... Never mind, i only get wet with rain physically. For tomorrow is the judgement day and after that perhaps be the doomsday and suffering. I hope its not because we are in the "tuwid na daan". Are we? To continue,  others will be happy, while others gets mad. I cant believe election is more like business. Anyways...

I am bit More excited, excited than candidates. Whew, I cant wait to receive the money "opps sorry", actually i cant wait to vote with candidates who made me laughed, annoyed and frustrated. Nevertheless, its really more fun in the election here in Philippines. Okay, no more jokes. I just want a clear, honest, and peaceful election.

While most people were too busy campaigning or endorsing with their candidates, others too expecting to receive a cash, and others just hanging out somewhere(so as with me).

In case you don't know the process in voting with Automated Election System, or i would guess you probably forgot the system. Maybe here, it could help you at least.

Moreover, Google helps Philippine election with its Local Election Portal.

How to Vote in An Automated Election System?

1. Go to your precinct no. and Check your name.
Note: In case you forgot your precinct no., you can retrieve it here:
Comelec Precinct finder via Web and Android

Image from GMA taken in Heckler, also its more on 2010 election.
2. Now, you know the precinct number. Bring valid IDs or voters ID(where's my ID COMELEC?).
3. Present your ID to the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) to get a ballot.
4. BEI now instruct you on how to properly fill up the ballot.
5. When you receive the ballot, make sure it has no mark on both sides.
6. Now, proceed to voting area and fill up the ballot.

Note: Dont overvote. Overvote means choosing more candidates than number of slots in a particular position.

7. Then, when you are done, feed it to the machine and wait for the confirmation message on the screen.
(i guess there's operator will guide)

8. Finally, return to the BEI for the indelible inking.

Hope for a honest and peaceful election!

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