14 May 2013

Oh Wait! What!? Samsung Develops World’s First Ever 5G mmWave Mobile Technology

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Did you ever experience using 4G networks in your location? Perhaps, most of you did not ever tried to use it. Same as me, i did not even have a 4G product, and the 4G network is not yet supported in all location[Philippines].

Are we not behind with other countries? Obviously, we are far far behind.

Just in case, you want to know interesting information with the next 4G, the 5G. In which Samsung Elections developed with its first adaptive array transceiver mobile technology operated in the millimeter-wave(mmWave) Ka bands for cellular communications.

In the blog post with Samsung Electronics last May 13, 2013, they unveiled in the success of developing the WORLD's first 5G mmWave Mobile technology. The said 5G technology provides hundred times faster transmission than 4G networks.

Are you excited for the next developed products? I'm pretty sure, more companies take this special opportunity with their upcoming innovative gadgets.

5G Mobile Technology said to be the next generation with 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE). The good news is that, 5G has the ability to transmit Gbps transmission to any subscribers anywhere. Just imagine how fast it could send in several base station. (Is it only me experience transmitting 10kbs?)

How 5G Technology works?

According to their post, 5G mmWave bands had limiting to transmit data over LOOOONG distance because of its propagation behavior.

Yet, Samsung Electronics, has a successful and great solution to this dilemma. They made an ADAPTIVE array transceiver technology that could transmit data over mmWave band at 28 GHz frequency with the speed up to 1.065 Gbps over 2 kilometers.

This adaptive array transceiver technology uses 64 antenna elements that overcome the radio propagation behavior loss at a certain mmWave bands.

When is 5G technology be used?
Okay, you just have to wait years here. Samsung said it could be commercialized not long in 2020. phew.

Source: Samsung Announces World’s First 5G mmWave Mobile Technology
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