01 May 2013

Bored? Play Trivia Game On Web Instead! With this Trivia Script From IRC

Feeling blue? bored? nothing to do? Maybe you can try this exciting trivia game on your web or on your desktop.

This Trivia game script has been played for almost more than 10 years now. Starting from the creation of old boring text chat system, IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This script managed to give enjoyment to those chatters out there. Wait, this is a time-based game in which you should answer right away. With much more scoring points to achieve plus powerful scoring and top score system.

Bit Review
IRC was created in 1988. Too old huh? But there are at least millions of users at a time.
IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a rule/protocol for *old* interactive chat. It is designed for group in a forum form, called Channels. But also, it supports private messaging.

However, it seems that you are at least not exposed to this boring chat system unlike Yahoo Messenger! dont worry, this IRC had also awesome scripts to date. Well, i managed to install and customize scripts(from great programmers) like flood bots, protection bots, trivia bots, talking AI bots, seen bots, and lots of scripts!

Now, a while ago, i said dont worry because Mibbit has a cool support about IRC. And good news, you don't need IRC client software (like mIRC) to connect and play.

Mibbit Chat Network
There are lots of networks of IRC, but i choose UnderNET instead. Since lots of people(Filipinos) join and use the network. Here, with a bit bored too, i managed to install the script, synchronize with the browsers using Mibbit script and boommm..you can now play trivia! ;) Keep soaring high with scores!

Play it now: Trivia Game
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Mibbit choose nickname
  • Then click connect button
  • And just wait to successfully connect to server...if case it has a timeout error issue, just click connect button again..until it connects to the Trivia game channel #tsada.me Enjoy!
  • Here's snapshot about the trivia game.
Mibbit + Trivia Game IRC
You can use the following commands:
  1. Public Commands: .topday .topday20 .topweek .topweek20 .topmonth .topmonth20 .topever .topever20 .version .info .commands .rules .time .webstats .mystats & .stats  
I used BogusTrivia powered by Spike^^ here. Its a powerful, Free, anti-cheating trivia game ever. It has a cool trivia questions, and scrambled words to answer. Do you have guts to get the highest score?

  • If you love to play it in your desktop, just install mIRC (IRC Client software). thank u! :_)
  • I paid $1/month for the Shell(Linux server) to run that bot.The bot runs 24/7 and it is STABLE thanks  to the provider(http://www.fibersolution.net/). Sure it is worthy enough. :D

Play it here: Tsada.me | Trivia Game

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