13 May 2013

Philippine Election May 2013 Being Featured in Google with its Famous Google Doodle

May 13, 2013 is the official day of Election both for National and Local Elections( Senatorial, Party Lists, House of Representatives, Governors, Mayors, City/Municipal councilors).

If you are done voting, you need to vote 12 senators, 1 Mayor, 1 Party list, 1 Vice-Mayor, 1 House of Representative(in your district), and 8 councilors.

Google features Philippine Election with their famous Google Doodle. If you could see, the design that depicts were hands with ballot  each and every character of the word G O O G L E, the color of hands are actually the original colors of the Google logo.

In addition to Philippine Elections, the Senators are elected at least six(6)year term, however for house of representatives, provincial members, mayors, vice mayors and city/municipal councilors are elected for three(3) year term.

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The congress also has two(2) chambers:

  • House of Representatives in which it will have 292 seats(80% electoral districts and 20% alloted to party lists)
  • Senate has 24 members which elected nationwide.
These elected officials, except those at the barangay level, will start (and end) their terms of office on June 30th of the election year.

The sole responsible for the running elections and other pertinent is the COMELEC ( Commission on Elections).

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Why is no Barangay Official Elections?
Under the Philippine Constitution. Congress and local positions except barangay officials shall occur every second Monday of May. In which this year, it falls on this day, May 13, 2013. For presidential and vice presidential elections, it occur every second Monday of May every six(6) year term.

Barangay officials shall be scheduled to held Election in October this year.

How many total members in the national and local elections?

  • 12 Senators elected
  • 229 district members of House of Representatives
  • 80 provincial governors
  • 80 provincial vice governors
  • 766 provincial legislatures
  • 138 city mayors
  • 138 vice city mayors
  • 1532 city councilors
  • 1496 municipal mayors
  • 1496 vice municipal mayors
  • 11972 municipal councilors

In ARMM or Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, shall have one(1) regional Governor, one(1) vice regional vice governor, 24 regional assembly men.

In the past few weeks, Google launched Local Election Portal in the purpose of informing Filipino about the updates in the Elections with its large local media supports.

Now, i just hope a honest and peaceful election nationwide.

© Image Courtesy with Google Screenshot - Google Doodle


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