30 May 2013

Clixsense PTC Site: One of the TOP 50 Sponsors As of May 30, 2013

This is quite amazing feeling for being one of the top 50 sponsors in a PTC site like Clixsense. Likewise, I am bit surprised too that i got new referrals in a day. Honestly speaking, i dont really take serious on this. However, with this, i am able to continue using this service. 

Earning money online is just easy but earning BIG amount i could say it is different talk. However, those people already earned high amount of money. I'm pretty sure they start in a single step. Who knows one day you or I could be one of the top richest person on earth. ^_^

While making LARGE money online is very difficult to achieve but it needs proper execution, effort and persistence.

Image screenshot from Clixsense
I do clicking ads in Clixsense on my spare time or whenever i feel bored. Though, it only earn you small amount of money:
  • Those micro ads has a value of $0.001 for 3 seconds 
  • But you could have an ads worth of $0.01 and $0.02 for 15 seconds or 30 seconds respectively.
I had to be VERY HONEST to you, usually i only got 20 micro ads and 1 worth with $0.01, so if you calculated it you could take years to cashout(minimum of $6). However, there's a formula to earn more and bigger.

You can register it here: Register it here: ClixSense***

***Note that ClixSense is a TRUSTED and LEGITIMATE website since 2007.

The formula i am talking about is the Affiliates program which most networking or PTC site has. In order to fully understand of its concept,
  • First you invite your friends to join using your affiliate link
  • Once they have registered you will EARN commissions whenever they click PTC ads, completed tasks and offers, purchase advertising and their referrals upgrades.
So if you have 1000 referrals, and they click ads then you could earn $100-300/day. The question is how to get more referrals?

It is pretty difficult to look referrals and some friends will not USE your affiliate link to register, but, before that, it is proper to know that SPONSORS could upgrade your account and those adding more ads to click and other features.

Today, i already have $4.27 earning :)

For now, i was on the top 50 sponsors, with a 11 referrals within a day and had a total of 110 active referrals. In future, i would really want to upgrade all of MY referrals, they should have to enjoy clicking ads, ClixGrid game, complete tasks and offers.

if you dont want clicking ads, you may try this other alternative ways to earn money online:

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