11 May 2013

Discover Great Forum Discussion With Moot - Free, Fast, and On-the-Go Script Forum

Almost everyday we talked and discussed with our friends, families, workmates and clients. Whether we like it or not, we are involved such kind of activity. Sometimes, we are not likely love to listen to our your boss, our mother, or our client. I hate to say this but i am NO of Speaking. Regardless to whom i am surround with but hanging up with friends could somehow gives me confident to share some insights. Well, it improves my mood and feelings indeed. While discussing could create more interesting learning and knowledge. It is important to know that discussing with great people improves vision, and goal.

While we spend time talking and discussing with workmates or friends in the REAL WORLD, we could say, we spend MORE time VIRTUAL world over internet. Sometimes, chitchats with friends over Facebook while others focuses on blogs and forums. As to customers, these people often look for reviews of a certain product, or service. And a Forum could be the exact place to get answers. While it is NOT necessary to engage more on FORUM. It is important to note especially on Websites that deals with Money Matters SHOULD install Forum feature.

What is a Forum?
Forum is an open space for discussion. On internet, forum serves an online community site feature wherein  users could talk to other members or members can hold conversations. However, some sites managed to restrict members to discuss or these people could administer the discuss, they are called Moderators or Administrators. It is far more different than Chat rooms(wherein users included in the room could talk and discuss but temporarily saved discussions.)

Why is Forum Important?
Almost customers or simply users really just want to get product reviews and a good service, to know ways to earn money, and to acquire simple knowledge.

While some websites promises you to get PLENTY of Money, this Forum could be the source of TRUST. Why? Since Forum is a place to discuss among members, with this Users could post his/her experience over a certain process or problems. In addition, those websites offers Money Making system SHOULD and MUST install this feature.

Now, if you are running a blog or simply a simple site. You could add this Moot Forum.

I have mentioned Forum needs to be implement in a sites.

The following reviews that MUST have a forum:

The legit ones have really a FORUM like Clixsense (forum).

What is Moot?
Moot is simply provides FREE, Elegant, Simple, Fast Forum and Commenting features. With a few lines of HTML codes, you can easily integrated Forum feature. Even with pages, it could be easily installed. Just like in Blogger.

  • FREE and 100% No FEE
  • Search feature with Grammar aware system
  • One stop login to Forum and commenting
  • Blazing Fast & Realtime Update (The server responds 200x faster than the blink of an eye.)
  • Embeddable( Just post codes and boom!)
  • Adaptable CSS style (Moot matches design)
  • Compatible on all devices sizes(iPad, Smartphone, Tabs, Browser)
  • Live preview :See formatting, smileys and syntax as you type.
  • SEO friendly (Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc.)
  • Less administration with  Spam check feature
  • Category Management
  • Supports 14 Languages
  • Syntax highlights over 50 languages
  • Tiny A single JavaScript file that weights 28kb.
  • Automatic emailed you for new replies.
  • Drag and drop to change the Avatar.
  • Facebook auth to post in seconds.
  • Supports Security system with https and wss.
Register it here: https://moot.it/
This is my sample forum in which i installed here in the blog.
Sample Forum that i have installed

As of this Month, Forum page tops in pageviews. What this statistics would tell? Over a month period my visitors(both old and new) really visit this forum page. I don't know but if my thinking is correct, this is to see some answers to a certain problems. While my forum has not yet engaged by visitors, it is more appreciable to me that visitors should put extra time to post any questions there. So that others too could help.
Pageviews over this month May
P.S. The second page that has more pageviews is the About Me. I probably guess they will look on how credible and knowledgeable i am.

Thus, if you want to put this MOOT forum script.

Visit and Register it here: https://moot.it/

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