09 May 2013

Did Microsoft Steal Apple's Graphic User Interface ? Facts You MUST Know

Probably some of you might not able to know this fact especially to those who were born in the year 2000+. Unless stumbled otherwise to any tech sites, you certainly know that Microsoft stole Apple's GUI. If you are like me, which knows, Microsoft stole, as being claimed, Apple's Graphic User Interface(GUI). Well, it might be intriguing to note, this is actually comes from external sources. Does Bill Gates really stole Apple User Interface?

In my simple knowledge, i REALLY thought this, "Microsoft Really Steals Apple UI" until today i was bit informed and managed to re-evaluate facts. Well, i only watched a MOVIE which TECH companies
like Microsoft, IBM, APPLE, etc. being shown the great and historic technology stories of all time. What i have learned of that movie is that Bill Gates became very successful because he stole Apple's great piece.

Apple Fights Microsoft with a Lawsuit
It was on 1988 when Apple filed a lawsuit against Microsoft which claimed that Microsoft Windows Stole graphic user interface. This GUI way too similar with Apple's Macintosh OS (popularly MAC).

Apple has more than 200 Graphic User Interface components(resize, overlapping, title bars) which is protected by copyright.

Microsoft actually had a licensed to use GUI elements to its Microsoft Windows version 1.0. However, Microsoft's development team took full advantage and the newer versions of Windows became popular.

According to Apple's lawyers, the licensing agreement WAS took effect for ONLY one version of Windows. Despite of the argument,  Bill Gates proudly told to InfoWorld that the Graphic User Interface techniques and ideas were not COPYRIGHTABLE.

In 1993, Vaugh Walker(Judge Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal), favored the decision to Microsoft's side. That Microsoft did not STOLE any FROM Apple Inc. Now, whether we know the TRUTH still rumors will be around to web.


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