29 May 2013

Philippine Tech Startups High Chances Link To Silicon Valley with Kickstart & Plug and Play

For Philippine Tech Startups, it is really difficult to operate in the Silicon Valley. Now, it is more possible and high opportunity with the partnership of two corporate: Kickstart Ventures, Inc. & Plug and Play joined together for a single cause.

Pinoy Startups will now be more reality than vision. Will the Kickstart Ventures, Inc. and Plug and Play help to tech startups?

Kickstart Ventures Inc. partners with Plug and Play
Kickstart Ventures, Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Globe the leading telecommunication company which was launched last March 2012 with the mission to support, help, and develop dynamic community for tech startups in the Philippines.

With this, Kickstart handshakes Plug and Play Tech Center(PnP) to give and select Philippine Tech Startups a link to operate in Silicon Valley(where most successful startups operate).

Plug and Play Tech Center is a california-based global accelerator will now working with KickStart to seek out tech startups with its innovative service and products.

According to the CEO and Founder of Plug and Play Tech Center, Saeed Amidi, said that they will join Kickstart to first identify tech areas of interest. He also noted that they already started to build more partnerships in different countries namely Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Germany and with Philippines.
                “Plug and Play will work with Kickstart to first identify technology areas of interest, and we will then seek out high tech startups that are developing innovative products or solutions in these areas and help them grow their business.  We have already started to build partnerships in different countries such as Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Russia, and Germany and we’re glad to be working with Kickstart in the Philippines,” said Saeed Amidi, CEO and Founder of Plug and Play Tech Center.

Furthermore, the President of Kickstart, Minette Navarrete, gladly said that Philippine Startup Ecosystem will looks like to be Silicon Valley for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Ventures capital success stories(among with this were Apple, Google, Facebook).

“The world looks to Silicon Valley for innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital success stories, and even as we build a unique Philippine startup ecosystem, there is much to learn from those who are genuinely driving innovation in the valley. We are excited to partner with one of its more active players to bring startups the kind of game-changing exposure to the best-in-class learning, capabilities and collaboration needed for success," said MinetteNavarrete, President of Kickstart. 
She added:
"By creating more opportunities for our portfolio companies to operate in Silicon Valley and participate in Plug and Play Tech Center's programs, Kickstart is helping build a stronger, broader, more engaged startup ecosystem. Innovation cultures require communities of collaboration and trust; our partnerships here in the Philippines and abroad, such as Launchgarage with Proudcloud, which is taking on its second batch, and now with [email protected] and Play Tech Center in the US, bring startup founders in the Philippines into wider global innovation communities.”
Plug and Play has already have networks of 300 tech startups , 180 venture capital investors and community of university and corporate partners. With the help of PnP, new startup businesses most like to make a big names in the Silicon Valley. Tech Startups could rent office space in the Silicon Valley, join networking events, education and program. Therefore, get introduction with these potential users, investors, and customers.

PnP currently has a network of 300 tech startups, 180 venture capital investors, and a community of university and corporate partners. Through PnP, new tech businesses which want to make it big in Silicon Valley can rent office space; join industry networking events, education and immersion programs; and get introductions to potential customers, investors or acquirers.

Plug and Play Raises Venture Funding

Since it started in January 2006, PnP has already helped startups raise over USD1 billion in venture funding. Its startup companies have created a cumulative value of USD2 billion. It has partnerships with top-tier venture capital firms such as Sequioa Capital, Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Accel Partners. Corporate partners include Google, Lenovo, Microsoft, Zanox, Best Buy, HP, PayPal, and Sun Microsystems.

As a corporate partner of PnP, Kickstart will establish a presence in PnP’s Silicon Valley office and send select startup teams to the Valley for a three-month incubation program. These young companies will be given a chance to participate in the Plug and Play University, networking events, mentoring activities, and potentially pitch their business at the quarterly Plug and Play EXPO where around 300-400 investors and acquirers attend.

Source: Globe Press Releases


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