31 May 2013

Google Doodle Celebrated 161st Birthday Anniversary of Julius Richard Petri

Google Doodle for Today, May 31, 2013 featured German microbiologist that known for his invention - Petri Dish. Google homepage puts animation of Petri dish. Animation of hand cleaning each 6 dishes and it suddenly have a bacteria grew.

Watch Photo Slideshow series of bacteria animation as the bacteria grows

6 sources of petri dish contents:

  • Smelly sock
  • door knob
  • PC Keyboard
  • Dog
  • Soil in the rain
  • Sponge

Google featured Julius Petri's 161st birthday anniversary.

Julius Petri
Born May 31, 1852 and died December 20, 1921. At the early age, Petri first studied medicine until he became assistant to Robert Koch.

Later, he invented standard culture dish or Petri plate.

Petri Dish
Petri dish is a shallow glass use to culture cells. It was coined by a German Bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri who worked as an assistant to Robert Koch.


Image taken from Google screenshot & Youtube video

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