06 May 2013

Is DataEntryJobs.us a Scam? Feel Free to See the Review

If you are staring 20/7 at your computer looking for a great opportunities online, often times, without even second thought, you will certainly join or register. This is probably due to the BADLY needs. Either for the school tuition, family expense or personal wants.

But sometimes those opportunities will eventually turned to frustration. You may able to pay some amount with the exchange of great service or job. This is what some scam sites do. They will persuaded you by their great lines of interesting statements. And even promises you with great pay. Will these kind of sites really exists?

Top 3 VALID Points that Dataentryjobs.us is a SCAM

DataEntryJobs.us is yet  the No.1 Home Job site ever exists. My question is: Why is it i never seen this in about.com and be considered to be a legitimate data entry job site ?

1. Registration is FREE oh yes, they claimed it is ABSOLUTELY Free. And No REGISTRATION FEE. Take note! 
It turns out to be TRUE. I already have an account. Bravo! Oh yet, it does not support secure connection. It has no authentication, no captcha...Though it has a security question(lost password retrieval purposes).
We come to the Free Home Job Work. This home job is absolutely free and no registration fees is required. You can do this work at any time. All you've to do here is first create a salarly account using the link provided below. Once your salary account is created, login to your control panel and start the work. You'll find all the instruction guides to get started in this work. Create you free home job salary account at
2. Two types of job: FREE and Premium

As someone witty stated, a general rule, If you have to PAY, back out...dont process. A legitimate company will never have you to pay to render your service.
its not compulsory to do this job, only if you are having website. Not everyone is having websites. If you are the one, you can create blogs, there are many sites available on internet who are offering free blogs. Just register there and start the work. Our system, also have features like Email to friends and Associates. You can also promote or do this home job through your regular emails. You'll find the standard Linking code on top right corner of my account section. This is the main code which will pay you. You've to always place this code at the end of the contents you paste or type in websites, blogs, forums, emails etc. Next you'll get all marketing materials from the left side menu panel. You can place HTML Ads, Banners in your websites or Blogs. Text Ads, Text links you can use in emails. You can also use the Standard Linking code as your signature in your emails and forums.  

  • In the FREE category, what you will do is you can CREATE blogs(you can work with some blogs), place HTML Ads which in turn generates income, and linking code to your email and forum. Actually, this job is called SEO specialist. You promote the link to receive relatively high traffic. 

But can you really Guarantee the payment? For me? I really doubt about this.

  • Premium jobs are quite attracting but before you will earn something bigger amount. First, you will pay first.
I screenshot one of the jobs.

Beginner, Prof, Corporate type:

  • You will need to pay Registration FEEs, did they say to pay registration fee? In number 1, they said ABSOLUTELY FREE and NO Registration fee. So ? what is the meaning of this?
3. No FORUM and those TESTIMONIALS are purely scripted.
Forum again is very useful feature in every site that deals money. Without it, users may not be able to address their concern. They will not able to post sample Cashout so that they can share it to their friends.

Sad reality: It does not exists.

What are the consequences in joining like this site?

  • Your email account may be hacked(they know your pass and email so probably you are using the same account email and pass)
  • They would use your email address to send you spam messages or they will sell it to other 3rd party. 
Don't be easily deceived by these websites that claimed to give you great amount. While legitimate company only give cents to the users, it is really doubtful if company A will give you HIGH earning.

See legitimate site with low earning: Earn With ClixSense

The best move you could do is to AVOID or IGNORE such scam sites. Dont let your money be scammed because for sure they would never give your refund.

Some legitimate Data Entry Jobs: About.com - list of legitimate data entry sites

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