25 May 2013

He's Dead, Jim! Google Chrome Error Message Display: What You Want To Know

He's Dead, Jim! Well, at least, familiar with those slow PC, NETBOOK, or LAPTOP and of course with Google Chrome users.

He's Dead Jim. Either Chrome ran out of memory or the process for the webpage was terminated for some other reason. To continue reload or go to another page.

You might see this error.

Why did it occurs in Google Chrome page?

If you have a high spec system, you don't need to worry about this. You may see this "He's Dead, Jim!". This error message issue is due to lack of memory. Memory can be essential why? Because computers or laptops  or other gadgets rely on MEMORY to run software.

When experiencing slow programs, its either because of MEMORY.

You can do the following procedure in order to boost speed and performance and fix this kind of errors.
  • Speed up with Smart Defrag Tool Smart Defrag Tool
  • End Task high consuming website page with Google Chrome's Task Manager
  • You can use end task manager.
  • Close all unnecessary visited pages
If the page ended intentionally, reload the page to continue. If the message continues to appear, try closing inactive tabs or other programs to free up more memory.
Image from Google chrome page screenshot
Now, where the heck He's dead jim came from?
Accordingly, it came from StarTrek movie, in which McCoy originally said to someone deceased with the line. This phrase became popular and it can be more on describing unresponsive electronic circuit.

So Google used this kind of phrase on their error message which meant to be unresponsive pages.



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