04 May 2013

Google Launched Local Election Portal in the Philippines

Google, leading search giant, unveiled its launching of Local Election portal to Philippine Election last May 02, 2013, Thursday.

Philippine both National and Local Election will be on May 13, 2013(RA 7166 Sec.2).

Why Google made this kind of move?
Google has been into supporting Local Services worldwide. In the Philippines, Google launched http://www.google.com.ph/elections/ed/ph that provides the latest news about election and political. With that, there are eight(8) News organizations joined with Google PH namely:

Television (TV) Broadcasters:
  • GMA
  • Solar News Channel
  • PTV
Online News Sites:
  • Inquirer.net
  • Interaksyon.com
  • philstar.com
  • rappler.com
The Google PH Communications Manager, Gail Tan, said that Google pushes efforts to revolutionize and to aggregate election information being shared online. With this matter, voters(smart vote) will be informed and aware of taking for the poll election.

What will you see in the http://www.google.com.ph/elections/ed/ph?
  • Home
You will see Parties, News Coverage, campaign on youtube, issues, and party resources.
  • Broadcast Coverage
Watch comprehensive coverage on different news bureau that delivers all latest and relevant information about political and election.
  • Precincts and Candidates
All about candidates(look up candidates in your city or municipality). Moreover, you can find your precinct number by Android or the web using Comelec Precinct Number. If you are searching on the Google, you will see Google Map that you are in that precinct.
  • Incident Maps
The eight(8) media news group will deliver latest events about election.

Google Election Homepage
The primarily aim with these newsgroup plus Google is to provide voter's awareness. 

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