30 May 2013

Beware of Fraudulent Text Messages on Globe Postpaid Subscribers Says Globe Telecom

Nowadays, people easily tend to fall on trap any modus operandi and scams. With these weaknesses, more and more people came out no where just to scam us. We then must be aware on there modus operandi and stop them from doing it. With a knowledge like this, it will help us to remind ourselves not to trust these kind of people.

Globe warns postpaid  subscribers on text messages demanding bill payment.
I believe it is way too better move when Globe Telecom releases a public warning announcement with this new modus operandi that targeted on those postpaid users and gives instructions to deposit payment via GCASH.

What exactly the fraudulent messages?
This is an example:

Your name is now subjected for blacklisting. We will proceed to filling the complaint against you on May 27, 2013. Should there be no posted on your Globe account, filling of suit shall include claims for damages and attorney's fee without further notice. Consider this as our Final demand.
KRIS from Legal Department of Globe Telecom

Sender: +63 926 835.....

1. First of all, if there were from the Globe Telecom, they should know your name. The text message doesnt provide specific name. Thus, it was sent to many cellphone numbers. Well it is so simple, they could avail unlimited text and start sending fake message.

2. I don't think a company will automatically file a case without prior notice. Usually it should send notice 3 times. Here, it is so aggressive...

3. The sender's number quite the same as the mere user. Any legitimate and official transactions shall be from the sender "GLOBE" from 2882.

What if receive such fraudulent text SMS?
Just in case you have received such message, according to Atty. Froilan Castelo, Head of Globe Corporate, Legal Services Group, those subscribers received messages that demand payment of bills, could report to Globe Telecom.
“We would like to inform and warn our subscribers not to heed fraudulent text messages alluding to non-payment of bills and demanding payment through certain accounts or via GCASH. Instead of responding to such messages, subscribers should report such incidents to us,” aid lawyer Froilan Castelo, Head of Globe Corporate, Legal Services Group.
Legitimate advisory MUST comes from “GLOBE” while bill payment through GCASH could be undertaken using the GCASH app with a transaction confirmation from 2882.

Subscribers Should PAY authorized Globe Outlet
Subscribers must pay their bills on various Globe Store or any authorized payment center nationwide! Any transaction made from other people shall not be accepted with Globe.

Fraudulent Text Message on Globe Postpaid users
Did you experience receiving such kind of text message? If does, please investigate and dont trust immediately. 

Source: Globe Press Release | Image From Globe Telecom Full Access

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