23 May 2013

Globe Taps Nasctech - Streamline Solution Starting This July

Communication is vital to any individuals as it is our buddy in our daily routine and living. Majority possesses communication gadgets like cell phones and once in a while we encounter bugs and interruption. Telecommunication Company specifically Globe made its step to solve and make preventive measures to the said issues.
To enhance efficiency in the field of operations support system for communication service providers, improve network quality and customer experience, Globe Telecom move to tap Nasctech, a global provider of field operation support system. It is a step for the company’s transformation program, which includes as components a network modernization and an IT upgrade.

Globe will be utilizing Nasctech’s Streamline solution, a field operating support system that enables a stronger degree of visibility and control over the management of its field operation. In this manner of support program, the company’s operating expenses is expected to be reduced.

“We selected Streamline to transform our field operations due to the uniqueness of the platform and the willingness of Nasctech to customize to our needs. They have demonstrated their commitment by deploying all necessary resources to deliver the project against aggressive timelines,” said Robert Tan, Globe chief technical adviser. “Streamline as a software tool will enable our field engineers to be more efficient in the maintenance of the network and quickly resolve related issues,” Tan added.
To undertake deterrent maintenance and be more upbeat in addressing network concerns, Globe will apply Streamline. It is a field of operations support system that will properly integrate field operations with the network operations center and back end. Streamline don’t merely highlight issues but instead will drive the entire process further and can be achieved through capabilities that combine a real-time view of field operations actionable management tools leveraging the insights through a single, structured database of all field data.

 Starting July, Streamline will be implemented throughout the Globe System. The Streamline solution will be exclusive to Globe in the Philippines.
According to Nasctech CEO Des Keary, field operation support systems are integral to the effective management of field operations.  “Streamline can save an operator up to 10% of field operating expenses, which for an operator with over 5000 different sites to cover can translate into a saving of up to $5 million per annum or more. Streamline gives operators a real time view of all field based projects and activities, providing strong validation and visibility. Furthermore, the solution mobilizes the operator’s critical applications, leveraging investments in OSS, ticketing platforms and more. The power and functionality of the Streamline solution allows operators to drive down costs, and drive up network availability and quality,” he said.

A company’s credibility is measured on how to keep the quality services that they can offer and improved for the benefit of its customer. This news will definitely light up the globe subscribers faces as this improvement reduces network disruption and problems. Raise your thumbs up for this innovative step towards achieving the best for Globe.

Source: Globe Press Release


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