18 May 2013

Globe Telecom recently launched Globe DUO Korea: International Inbound Calling PH

Do you have the blood-famous-internet-craze Korean PSY? PSY popularized Gangnam Style in which it became a record breaking to internet world especially in Youtube(Largest Video Sharing), thus it is now known as World's First Video to Hit 1 Billion in Youtube. While PSY became as SO POPULAR with its DANCE style, now it turns out that his new dance song, Gentleman*, fueled up like a rocket views in just few days in the Youtube.

*Uploaded last April 13, 2013. As of Today, it reaches views in 335,947,278

Not to mention, PSY is actual a SOUTH KOREAN. He does not have the Nuclear weapons to launch just like North Korea but rather does have its cool and awesome dance craze.

Now if you have the blood of pure Koreans, with this, did you know that Globe Telecom recently launched Globe DUO Korea?

Globe Telecom recently launched its Globe DUO Korea. Globe DUO Korea is an international inbound calling service that provides and offers Koreans to purchase a Korea-Based Telephone Number in the Philippines.

Globe or TM subscribers now could buy Korea-Based Number with these two variants:
  • Seven(7) day subscription for P399 - best for short-term visitors, tourists and businessmen
  • Thirty(30) day subscription for only P999 - best for students, migrants, and those Koreans established business.
Now, these Koreans family and friends can call their Korea-Based Telephone number and receive with their Globe and TM phones.

This is quite convenient, important and significantly saved expense rather than actual call came from Korea.
Seated in the center are Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe Telecom’s Group Head for International Business and Yong Chul Kwon, INY’s Chief Executive Officer, with managers from both companies.
 Rizza Maniego-Eala, Group Head for Globe International Business explained:
“Now, seamless and low-cost connectivity with Korea simply needs a Globe or TM SIM and a Globe DUO Korea subscription. The best part is that subscribers no longer need to schedule receiving calls when they are home and have access to their internet-based landline services since calls are received through the mobile phone anytime, anywhere,”

Starsky Park, Planning Department Head of Saehoon seals the agreement with Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe Telecom’s Group Head for International Business.  Looking on are Donnie Choi, Saehoon-Head of Strategic Business (left) and Richie Sison Globe-International Business Sales Head (right).
Without through partnership with Globe and INY Communications(Total telecommunications business offers to clients with wholesale and retail international calling services).
Korean Ambassador Lee Hyuk (center), with Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe Telecom’s Group Head for International Business and UKCA’s President Lee Jang Il, along with Korean Embassy representatives Consul General Min Kyong-ho (third from right) and Counselor Chin Hyun-yong (second from right) and other representatives from Globe and UKCA.  
John C. Kwon, CEO of INY said:
“We are excited to partner with Globe, the most preferred telecom service provider of the Korean community in the Philippines, in offering Globe DUO Korea. Our experience in selling international calling services together with Globe’s reliable service will be a powerful combination to ensure that customers’ calling needs are exceeded."
Moreover, Globe Telecom partnered also with Onfil - Philippine country portal site in Korea, operated by Saehoon Air Travel Co., Ltd.(official general sales agent in South Korea).

For the information, Onfill has the largest sales channel—over 4,000 travel agents nationwide—and provides 27 flights per week to the country with thousands of Korean tourists.

Starsky Park, Planning Department Director of Saehoon said:
“Our access to numerous travel agencies in South Korea as well as thousands of Korean tourists will ensure that travellers to the Philippines are well-informed of Globe DUO Korea even before they leave the country,”.
Furthermore, Globe partnered to United Korean Community Association in the Philippines(UKCA), an organization of all Korean associations in the country.

 Jang Il Lee, UKCA President said:
“Globe, being a major partner, gives us the assurance that our plans for the local Korean community are supported by one of the Philippines’ largest companies. Their effort to reach out to our community is well-received and appreciated,”.

Lee Hyuk, Korean Ambassador to the Philippines in his congratulatory message during the contract signing ceremony between UKCA and Globe, said:
“the patronage of Koreans in the Philippines in Globe signifies our trust in the excellent standards of your network. In addition, I am optimistic that more Koreans will patronize Globe, given its people-oriented service. This partnership will also play a crucial role in deepening the cultural understanding between our two peoples.”
Maniego-Eala said:
“Globe DUO Korea is a testament to our continued efforts to introduce innovative products in the market to provide our subscribers with superior service,".

For more info on Globe DUO Korea, 
visit www.globe.com.ph/duokorea.

Photos courtesy to Globe Telecom

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