23 May 2013

Out Of Load? No Nearest Loading Station ? Wait! Fonmoney Is Here For You!

E-load or Electronic loading to cellphones through the Internet is not a new concept; it’s been there for quite some time. Now there are just more options available. Service providers like Sun Cellular, Globe and Smart can be loaded from their respective homepages. Apart from these, there are lots of websites that can provide and give load to prepaid mobile phones. Although some of them function regionally most operate through the world and for multiple countries.

In case of emergency, how you do you see this system really important? For me, this kind of system really helps a lot especially you are equipped with internet connection. 

Did you know that some of the websites or E-load providers that offer these services are  Ezetop, Fonmoney, Transfer-to, Aryty and so on. Prepaid cellphones can easily be loaded through these websites at anytime of the day and from anywhere around the World.

Some of the advantages of online load are:

  • preventing mobile phones to run out of load and eventually not work
  • while in roaming mode and sending mobile load as gift and support.
  • In case of emergency, you need not come to visit in the nearest store late at night.

Introducing Fonmoney: E-Load System
One of the Website that provides E- load called Fonmoney . Fonmoney has a very easy process, as it does not require you to register yourself or become a member and enter your personal details.

The available choices are:

The core service all of these service providers is Mobile load but additional services may be available depending on the website some of the available choices are as follows:

·         Amount: Options for various denominations are usually available to choose from. The amount may range from Php 10.00 to Php 1,000.00.

·         Payment method: Service providers have their own preferred methods of payment.Payments through Credit cards, PayPal, Direct banking (sofortbanking) and Paysafecard are the most famous ones.

·         Mobile carriers and their prepaid plans: Most of the websites support all prepaid plans from Smart, Sun cellular and Globe Telecom are automatically detected by some websites and for others it can be easily chosen through a click of the mouse.

People who can benefit:

Basically everyone can take advantage of services like these.

·         People working and living abroad can send small amounts of money back home to their family and loved ones. Send mobile phone load to one member of the family and the whole family shares the same load.
·         Frequent Travellers who use mobile phones in roaming mode for calls, SMS and Internet, can easily load their mobile phones via the phone itself or via computer.
·         Anybody who just wants to load cellphones easily from their home, office or for that matter from anywhere, where Internet is accessible.

As more and more people rely on mobile phones in their daily life, benefits from such E-load providers can always be a quick and easy solution.

Sources and Image Courtesy to Fonmoney and affliates

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