28 May 2013

Flickr: Revamped Appearance Plus Bigger 1TB Storage But Slow

The popular photo-sharing site, Flickr, had updated its appearance with bigger storage up to Terabyte.

Imagine how a Terabyte could cater bunch of photos?

Well, 1 Terabye is approximately equal to 1024 Gigabytes.

While Flickr promises it would be more spectacular, we could not deny the fact that in most third world countries, it is relatively slow. Does Flickr anticipated it?

Flickr Key Feature Updates
Flickr released its new design, much bigger storage and availability.

  • Biggr. It has a room for 1TB of storage. And its FREE!
  • Spectaculr. Unveils beautiful design which put great experience. Homepage is the gateway for everything Flickr has to offer. Includes here is the newest photo stream with seamless layout with photos and customizable cover photo with high resolution profile picture. In addition, Flickr has a powerful tools to organize photos.
  • Wherevr: While the mobile technology has been mainstream, many sites took big step to create mobile-based app that could access and interact wherever you go. Flickr designed this to share everywhere. It is on-the-go sharing with Flicker. Since Flicker more likely designed it in iPhone app in mind, nevertheless it has android app too Flickr on Android.
Now, are you happy with this updates? Probably yes, because of the 1TB storage it gives. However, theres a slight problem with it. Since, it revamped with powerful design and tool to make it photo-sharing landscape, it should be noted that in most third world countries(like mine). It is really that slow, i imagine loading with high resolution photos, it is just too slow.

Anyways, for most high MEGABITS of connection, this is sure not a problem anymore.

Source: Better Brighter Flicker - Flicker Blog
Image Courtesy « Flickr screenshot

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