27 May 2013

Facebook Activation Theme To Its New Form Virus: What You Need To Know

Well, this becomes hype and quite alarming. I could see more of my Facebook newsfeeds flooded by this certain scam-fake-annoying website/service which shared by the victims. Of course, it is not new scheme/modus. In fact, some family-related for it, improves gradually yet differently and never been out of sight, at least in a couple of months, then it will show again. Though, it has a different approach than View Profile Scams, it is more on social engineering maneuvering capabilities. Somehow, it will give you this: Activate Facebook New Theme. How would you feel and react? Thus, if you caught your interest, you will be included in the victim's lists. Hope its not. :)

Here's why you need not to try clicking that link.
Ever find this annoying site that promises to activate New Facebook layout in your newsfeed?

Facts You Need To Know

1.  First of all, if there is NEW update with the layout. Facebook will post about it. Furthermore, more social media sites will surely cover it in their articles. But here, there's is no latest New Theme Activation.

You might see like this
2.   Second, try to analyze the domain link, it says mysoooft.com. Would you ever believe it exists such name?
Humorous, it can but professionally with this kind of changing theme. It is yet not convincing.

Probably, it will look like this:
  • http://mysoooft.com/d4riq67gu
  • http://mysoooft.com/d4riq6vw7
  • http://mysoooft.com/d4riq6k08
  • http://mysoooft.com/d4riq6w35
I managed to compile links, and i have noticed that at least last 3 characters randomly generated. So it is pretty sure some kind of a malware behavior.

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And if you accidentally or you really click it, it will redirect to this page.
  • http://ta9afaty.tk/style/style.html#link=http://www.mysoooft.com/?d4riq67gu

And here, it display instructions like:

You can now activate the new Facebook form, just by following the steps described in the post

  1. Click "Get the activation link" a new window will be opened
  2. Copy the link in the window (as in the picture)
  3. Paste the link in the box and press Submit
  4. Wait 5 - 7 Minutes 

Okay, granting you follow it and you did get that activation link. So what happen? If you click activation link, it will redirect here: http://on.fb.me/12mPpyk then it will go to this link, and this is the activation link.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?type=user_agent&client_id=220764691281998&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fdevelopers.m.facebook.com%2Ftools%2Fexplorer%2Fcallback
Now, i tried to copy it in the window, pasted in the textbox and clicked Submit button... what happen? there's nothing happen, it just display: Activation ..Please wait.. here, it is now suspicious. Well, actually its domain link most likely cannot be trusted in the first place.

I noticed that it uses the app in Facebook Messenger For Windows. Though, i didn't get what i want of its the confirmation of this app settings.

So what happen with my testing? Well, I don't want to risk my main Facebook account with this kind of app/service, I don't know what happen either in my dummy account.. -_-. so far it didn't posted any link in the group page.

3.    It is not merely floods with posting comments, in the group and statuses, you should be aware that it could get your private information and it is really possible too that it can gather your password. So dont click.

Now, it became abuzz and Viral. If you don't want to be in the victim's list, You should not click it! This is one heck annoying app.

Before to use any kind of this, please do confirm if it is TRUSTED.

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