07 May 2013

Will Iron Man and Hulk Have a 'BIG Part' in Avengers 2: Resurface 2015 ?

Who would forget the 3rd highest-grossing film of all time, The Avengers? This marvel group of heroes made a strong and positive impact to its viewers as it undoubtedly reached a gross of $1.51 billion worldwide. No wonder why rumors about its second sequel is getting hot as Kevin Feige the film producer and President of Production at Marvel Studios talked the plans for the Avengers 2.

Feige explained that The Avengers 2 is not about going bigger and exceeding people’s expectations or wanting to up the ante, since it can be attained in various ways, “Iron Man 3 is a very, very good test for us of doing exactly that”.

 “The first movie we make after The Avengers has our hero spending more time out of the suit than any of the other movies; that seems potentially counterintuitive to some people, but that was exactly why we did it. It’s a much deeper and a more exploratory character journey on the heels of our biggest spectacle with The Avengers.”
  “What is most interesting to us and why we hired Joss Whedon in the first place is the interaction between the characters,” continues Feige. “That’s more fun to us than the massive action scenes that are gonna have to come with it.”
“We’re gonna have to be clever and raise the bar, but already the scenes that Joss has of just the characters sitting around and interacting are hilarious and are awesome and are moving and a notch or two above the first movie, and to me that’s where you wanna top yourself.”

With this statement spoken to the press, speculations were raised on how the second sequel might come out. The Hulk and Iron Man’s presence to the next sequel is good as confirmed when the first Avengers movie ending part showed how Tony Stark had a therapy session with Dr. Bruce Banner and as they ride away together. Since there is still no Iron Man 4 sequel, everyone expects his return for writer-director Joss Whedon's Avengers 2 in 2015. But reports say that Robert Downey Jr. is asking for too much money to be part of this movie. After all he is the only Iron Man and it was a certified big hit, right?

Joss Whedon the director of Iron Man 3 signed an exclusive agreement with  Marvel studio for the next three years leading up to The Avengers 2.

Will Iron Man and Hulk Have a 'BIG Part' in Avengers 2: Resurface 2015 ?

As of the date, it will be kicking on 2015’s summer, the 1st of May to be exact, but as to the story, now is too early to tell.

The Avengers 2 rumored casts are as follows:

·         Robert Downey Jr.   as Tony Stark/Iron Man
·         Chris Hemsworth as Thor
·         Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
·         Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
·         Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
·         Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
·         Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / The Hulk
·         Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
·         Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / The Falcon

             This star studded movie will keep us in thrill as we anticipate the 2015 Marvel movie The Avengers 2. No doubt, this movie will leave us in awe once again as it hit the big screen. 

How was your the Avengers experience last 2012?

We have hidden desires to be a hero in us and my The Avengers movie experience re-lived that child-like desire in me.  I bet after that hanging movie ending, that exact moment you wanted more. Well then, save that excitement until 2015, that wait will be worth it.

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