08 May 2013

Google Honors Graphic Designer & Film Maker Saul Bass Its 93rd Birthday With Presentation

Google Doodle Features Saul Bass with a Video Presentation
Today, Google never fail me to feel of their famous Google Doodle, in which, i learn and acquire basic knowledge.

Honestly, i did not know some of the Google Doodle being featured. Like at this moment, i am happy to know few events and people with Google Doodle.

Google pays tribute to an American Graphic Designer and Film Maker, Saul Bass. It would have been the 93rd birthday anniversary of Saul Bass. Google adds a simple video black-and-white presentation. Also, i have noticed some blogs and sites have different video presentation compared to what i saw.

Saul Bass was born last May 8 and died on April 25, 1996. He has been awarded as Oscar's Winning Film Maker.

He was best known for his work designs of film posters , logos, and motion pictures.

Bass designed the most iconic corporate logo AT &T bell & globe logo in 1969 & 1983 respectively.

Another known work for his designed with Continental Airlines 1968 jet stream logo and United airlines tulip logo in 1974.

He also worked with Hollywood's most prominent filmakers.

© Image Courtesy to amycanwrite.wordpress.com, Google Homepage Screenshot image

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