25 May 2013

My 2nd Payment with Google Adsense 2013

Life is indeed unfair! Though some people would claimed it as BETTER & FAIR and by judging them i would say, they must be LUCKY enough to have that kind of life. Well, at least, not in my case, i mostly seen different situations in my surroundings. Moreover, I have experienced lots of difficulties in life. Life is so tough and cruel sometimes. And whenever i think of it i tend to lose hope. No, i didn't look down myself. I just could not see it in an opposite positive way. Yeah, i maybe too pessimist in nature but i have some other options too.  I must strive to fight and survive. Aja!
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.~ Zig Ziglar
But the good news is that there's a light rays of hope. Whenever i find myself in the cave of hardship, uncertainty, unfair, difficulties and dilemma, it shines upon me and suddenly makes me feel free and gladly it makes me strong, it strengthens my keen knowledge, and it boosts my enthusiasm and motivation. What is your motivation in life? Perhaps with these reasons: status of life, poverty and personal needs.

Thank God for these blessings! @[email protected]
My 2nd Payment with Google Adsense
Today, i will cash out my 2nd Payment with Google Adsense with this Year 2013 and my 6th payment including at the beginning.

Today, i will cash out an amount of $105.99 and i earn it within 2 months period. It is relatively small compared in working with your employer. That amount however can be earned in just 15 days of working on companies, agencies and establishments.
Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale.~ Zig Ziglar
Today, i will share you some key points to ponder, this could encourage you to do the same but it remains AS IS, and i am no longer responsible if anything goes worst. I will share facts about blogging, and it is your turn on how you will do it with my hints and tips.

On the second thought, this is not a SCAM, it is purely legit scheme, i will not pursue you to pay for it because it is really 100% FREE.

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Way back yesteryear, with Google Adsense alone, i only earned as low as $0.01/day, definitely small huh? But later it improves and becomes $1/day to $2/day, and to $4-5/day. I remember that i could get my cash out at least 6months with $100, then 3 months, until recently it becomes 2 months. Improving..

Oh, not to mention, i am jealous with my pinoy fellow bloggers, they could earn at least $300/month minimum. Well i am inspired to reach that target too. Now, I have a goal of achieving $300/month to $1,000/month.

See first quarter highlights:
At least making money online can be possible. While this blogging, a sideline work, it should be noted that thousands of people who are very successful with this field. I might have been included on those lists, but in the last level hehe... If i am very successful with this field, surely i could do it  with full time work. Well, i need to invest more time, effort, service and money here.

Making and chasing money online is not EASY as ABC. Blogging, however, is quite long term business. You need to pass WIDE & BROAD difficulties in the narrow of success. That is why i give some inspiration to my readers, friends, and workmates relating this blogging.

Learn on how to earn money online:
People at Mabzicle
I would like to thank also some individuals that contributed a lot with this blog.

My Great Co-Authors
  • Karen Mae - She's a good and close friend of mine. Honestly, i am really jealous with her great write ups. It never been wrong to give her a title as Featured Writer and Author. I do hope she could start with her own blog too. ((pretty excited)). 
  • Jip Cole - He is my online friend. Mutually we shared blog stuffs. With some sharing blogging, i learn many things too with him. Now, he is a SEO expert and specialist.
My source of Press Releases
  • there are lots of them, and i guess it is not necessary tell their individuals for privacy. I must be thankful with them. In fact, i learn a lot from them which resulted sharing it with my readers too.
Take note also that these money i have earned  is ONLY on Google Adsense alone, and it does not includes other services that pays me well too.

Other stuffs i earned:
The good news is that, more companies and agencies contacted me with some quite good transactions. Okey, i will not mention those companies, agencies and individuals for the sake of privacy.
If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar

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