10 May 2013

2013 Box Office Hit: It takes A Man and A Woman

Philippine movies cater viewers in every genre. But what sell most are movies that touches the heart. A strong story that captivates us to what’s real, and at the end what matter is the lesson learned. Did it relates you?

It Takes A Man and A Woman is a sequel of the box office romantic-comedy movie hit A very Special Love and You Changed my Life, brought to life by Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz as the characters of Adelaida "Laida" Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro.  The movie evolved to both of them and how their love story started, grown and fell apart.

Laida was asked by Miggy’s brother to work for Flippage and negotiate a deal with the international media company that she was working for. Miggy was left with no choice as he was told in a surprise during Laida’s come back. As they professionally work together their drawn-out feelings for each other made it difficult for them to handle. The first scene sets in a light mood with lots of comedic lines thrown. Both were effective as we know they are good in doing so and their appealing connection is superb.

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But emotions shifted in a serious height that even the viewers were moved when Miggy confronts Laida in the elevator about the feeling she has been hiding all along. Both were hurt as the pain of breakup recurs during their confrontation. One can’t help to share the same feeling since we followed their love story from the beginning, we can’t deny that we have invested to their relationship much as we know that these situations happen in reality. At this point, forgiveness and reconciliation comprises this part of the movie and how they’re able to give that to one another unfolded towards the end.

The movie ending was predictable just like any other romantic flick; we know eventually that it will be a happy ending. But in what manner will it end? It ended when Laida walks into the beautiful aisle with the man of his dreams standing and waiting for her at the end, in a reality where they are about to wed , uttering each other’s sincere vows about their love and commitment in front of God. After all the what if’s and up’s and down’s that they have gone through, finally, they said I DO.

They’re chemistry as love team is very realistic; no wonder many are magnetized towards them and into the movie. They have grown maturely as actors and as individuals. There acting skills are credible enough that   viewers were emotionally charmed. The support casts are good in portraying their individual roles as well. It is a movie of wit, of laugh, of lesson and of sense.

What can I say? After the zingers, the tears we kept not to fell and the smiles painted over our faces, the movie left in you something more behind; That lesson, it might be about love, about trust, about forgiveness, you can name it. You will never forget Laida and Miggy, because you were once a Laida and once a Miggy or will be. We all went through  or will go through a downfall with a story written differently or same as theirs, yet whatever it might be, this movie left us something to ponder.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss a movie like this. It’s still showing in theatres.


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